James Haick and Don Handfield File Lawsuit Against Vault Comics Over The Series “The Mall”

We first mentioned this back in May of last year, Vault Comics released a book called “The Mall”, same name as the already released Scout Comics Series by writer James Haick. Vault and the creative team were contacted, however nothing changed and Vault is still releasing the series. James Haick has filed suit in Florida District Court against Michael Moreci and Gary Dauberman, the series creators, as well as Vault Comics, for trademark infringement.

The lawsuit claims that the creative team of Scout Comics’ the Mall, James Haick and Don Handfield, contacted Vault Comics informing them of the trademark infringement. The claim was based on the fact that the titles would cause confusion with the series. The notice was sent to Vault Comics in May of 2019. Vault responded that they planned on proceeding with the comic under the name. They heavily promoted the series at SDCC.

You can download and read the full Lawsuit Filing Here. Or we’ve attached as images below:

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24 thoughts on “James Haick and Don Handfield File Lawsuit Against Vault Comics Over The Series “The Mall””

    1. Not really. When you have a trademark for a comic book name you cannot just go around publishing another comic with that same name. Otherwise every company would have a Superman comic. Look at the long battle over the name Captain Marvel.

        1. I’m creating a new hero named Spiderman.. don’t be confused, it’s not Marvel’s Spider-Man with a hyphen in the name. My hero is Spiderman without the hyphen.. Marvel can do nothing to me cause according to Vault comics, titles are not protectable under copyright law.

          And regardless, my hero isn’t a human spider climbing walls and shooting webs from his writsts, he saves people by killing spiders as a guy who runs a pest control company that specializes in spiders.


              1. Spiderman prounounced all 1 word like Rene from storage wars pronounces it. Watch his hoarder house YouTube videos. The lucky bastard!

      1. Look at Collider from Vertigo not so long ago. They changed the name because someone had a book and not even a comic with the same name.

        Same goes for Dead Rabbit.. wasn’t even a comic book and they were forced to change Dead Rabbit from Image to Dead Eyes.

          1. …I sell you this Orange Julius…it’s almost full…

            … you’ve come to the right place. By hiring me as your lawyer, you also get this smoking monkey…better get down there, Smokey…

  1. while I understand why you have to protect your copy righted name from infringement, the one lawsuit I didn’t think would hold merit but actually won was the San Diego Comic Con suing the Salt Lake Comic Con for using the term comic con in its title, to me the term comic con should just be a generic term to identify any comic book convention, but the judge deciding the case ruled Salt Lake violated the name so they now have to call it Salt Lake Fan Fest instead.

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