Covrprice Top 10 List for 1/24/20

Since  came on the scene, they have become a go to spot for watching eBaytrends on comics. They scour thousands of eBay sales to cultivate data to spotlight the hottest selling comics. Here is this week’s Top Ten Comics: (Please note, potential spoilers do follow, and, these results are for auction that closed last week. )

1. STAR WARS THE RISE OF KYLO REN #2 Second issue exploring Ben Solo’s back story. The book sold 45 copies with an average raw price of $14.94

2. STAR WARS THE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 The surprise hit first issue is still seeing some love. The book sold 42 copies with a high raw sale of $39.99 on 1/19/20 and averaging $21.01 raw.

3. AVENGERS #133 People will chase random things. This is the first appearance of the Cotati, who play a big role in Empyre. The book sold 13 copies with an average selling price of $9.49.

4. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #101 Morbius trailer dropped bringing this book back on the list. The book sold 35 copies with an average raw price of $276.

5. ULTIMATE FALLOUT #4 First appearance of Miles Morales has been a stalwart on the list. This week saw 17 copies selling at an average price of $117. ‘

6. THE ETERNALS #1 Another book that keeps popping up. The movie is coming out and info keeps leaking out on the filming. The book moved 17 copies with an average price of $83.50

7. PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #4 Another Morbius trailer related bump. This is the first appearance of Hunger, formerly Crown, who will be the movies main bad guy. The book moved 14 copies with an average raw price of $9.93

8. ETERNALS #1 (2006) Eternals again, this time the Neil Gaiman story. The movie is supposed to take elements from this book for the story. Sold 22 copies with an average sale price of $5.20.

9. THE SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 More Marvel Media related book sales. This book sold 11 copies with an average raw price of $61.50.

10. MORBIUS THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1 This marks the first ongoing solo series for Morbius. This sold 21 copies with an average selling price of $4.43.

Runners-up to follow.

31 thoughts on “Covrprice Top 10 List for 1/24/20”

  1. Spec alert: Ravencroft #1 Ryan Brown cover. Possibly new werewolf by night appearance . See April solicitations on Werewolf by night #1

    1. Not recommending buying at eBay prices. Recommending getting and selling at eBay prices. I won’t pay going eBay price for a comic. But if I can get at ratio or less (usually won’t buy unless I can get less) at a local shop than I will run with it.

            1. I was already in this when the cover was solicited. First “web slinger” appearance is Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 issue 9…he’s on the television screen. First appearance (full?) is Issue #12, same issue as Leopardon.

              I posted a pic of the page he appears in issue 9 on the forums I think….I’ll see if I can find it.

              1. I’d probably lean against calling that issue 12 appearance a first….As I recall we get just one shot of him saying yee-haw and we don’t see him show up, or get acknowledged beyond that. Again we’re talking web-slinger here so I am all right to split hairs.😂

                1. Definitely not “first full” in issue 12. But definitely a cameo for sure and first scene and dialogue.

                  So the hair we are splitting is whether his picture just being shown on a television screen is truly an “appearance” (cameo or background) such that it would qualify as a first over issue 12.

                  I like the idea of Web Slinger….I actually sought out issue 12 because of him, then learned it was also the first Leopardon who I believe will make an appearance in the next spider-verse movie with Japanese Spider-man…so that book is a good spec either way.

                  Issue 9 is also worth considering as there are a lot of “firsts” on the tv screen, including ‘67 Spider-man and Japanese Spider-man to name a few.

                2. Took 45years for 98% of comic collectors to give two s**** about the 1st Werewolf of Night, why would anyone care about the 2nd, only scalpers trying to polish a turd.

                3. @Alana…MCU has changed the game, my friend. Nobody cared about Rocket, Groot or Drax either, until recently. Change is inevitable, Alana. We should celebrate the interest in the hobby. Not sh*t on it. Who knows, maybe your little one will be a huge Werewolf by Night II fan. 🤷‍♂️

    2. I’m along the same lines as Anthony.

      But there are different scenarios I think when it comes to buying. If you’re a collector (and long term thinking investor), not intending to flip now but think it will only continue going up, buying eBay isn’t terrible if you got the budget for it, but shop around, watch the trends and try and judge if you think it will level off or perhaps drop.

      If you’re just a collector and they’ll have to pry it from your cold dead hands and you got the budget for it, go for it.

      If you wanna flip in the next few days, weeks or months, do not buy at eBay prices. Just count it as a missed opportunity and move on to the next one if you catch it in time.

  2. I think, if I were a Speculator, the ability to snag up eBay books prior to some big announcement would be the key .. unfortunately, I think that’s a tough thing to do since, logically, the folks that get the news the quickest are always going to be the first in line to buy .. resulting in cheap copies being bought up ..

    It’s the same was with a Shop .. I don’t stay up to the minute, news wise, and suddenly a book that’s languished for years in a back issue bin, some dude will come in and buy me out of for dirt money ..

    I swore a long time ago that I would not head down the path of “Look it up when they bring it to the counter ..” since I think that’s a nefarious way to operate .. after all, the onus is on me if I don’t continually keep marked prices updated ..

    1. That is an honorable position to take and not an easy one, I’m sure. I can definitely appreciate, and I truly feel for, shop owners who are struggling for money. I’m sure the temptation to use the “look it up” method, when people start scooping up back issues that have languished for years, is strong.

      1. Could you imagine if every transaction was like this? Imagine going to Best Buy and you pick out a nice Bose system.. your checking out and they tell you, hold on, we need to see what these are selling for… I would see a lot of customers not doing business with such a business.

        1. Shops do it, as I’m sure you know .. and, yeah, if you’ve got 4 nice copies of Hulk #271 that have sat for 10 years with a $3.00 price tag and suddenly a guy walks in you’ve never seen before and snatches them all up, that’s kind of a tip off .. 😉

          The ones that really get me are those that say “Would you take any less .. ??” ..

          1. Yup. I don’t shop at those shops either, luckily I don’t know of any in Austin area that do that. I’d take the same approach as you Willie.

            If I owned a shop, I would probably do a monthly inventory report to adjust prices on books according to recent sales. Ask whatever employees (if I have any) to pull an all night inventory, buy them dinner, pay them OT.. whatever it takes to get job done to bring inventory up to date, etc.

            1. I’ll tell you what I wish .. if some enterprising younger person would develop a database / app that had all comics in it that ever had a UPC .. that would be linked to an app that you could just scan the UPC with a phone and enter a grade and it would show all Internet sales over the last 60 days on average in that grade .. or even in any grade ..

              If you can take that and run with it, cut me in on the Benjamins .. 😉

              1. That sounds exhausting. The constant updates would be such a nightmare to manage. Definitely take a team and access to every barcode (not sure if they provide this info from diamond or publishers).

                But I’ve thought about that as well as a cool app, just an app that you can scan the barcode of a book to pull up info, then list to sell, does a search, etc.

                If I’m not mistaken though, variant comics use the same barcode.. I’m not near any comics to check but if so, that’s one limitation.

              2. CLZ has a upc scanner that works quite well. I rarely find a book it doesn’t have catalogued. No sales figures attached though.

              3. One of the things that brings me to shops is the possibility of a good find I can flip. If a shop is not going to honor their sticker price or price at the counter, I’ll likely not buy much from them except a new book or two. They’ll loose more business and customers that way than they will make profits.

                One shop I have a pull list with does this with some books…but mostly because they haven’t taken the time to go through all their stock. So depending on which box I pull from it’s priced at the register. I get it, but at the same time I don’t get why they don’t take some time to price them.

                And guess what, I don’t waste my time pulling searching rough those boxes anymore when I stop in. That’s lost business/income for them as I know there are some decent books I’d likely buy in there.

                1. You know, there are some states that have laws, what’s posted as the price on the product must be honored. I hope no shops are pulling the.. let me price it right now for you instead of honoring the price they have on it if they’re bound by the honor thy price listed on product.

              4. And that’s what covrprice is moving towards …. tracking of sales volumes and prices to automatically pick out the movers and offer its subscribers proactive alerts about books in their collections (or stores with books in their inventory). And Covrprice looks at a lot more than just ebay (hint, there’s about as many comic sales per month at a place like mycomicshop as there is on ebay – thus looking only at ebay misses out on a LOT of volume in the market).

                Disclaimer: I volunteer with Covrprice; also, this full functionality is not yet available but we’re getting there.

  3. Interesting with all the Morbius stuff that certainly 101 is on the list; But Morbius #1 from the 90’s over Fear #20 from Bronze age? I find that odd. I had speculated on Fear 20 literally 15 – 17 years ago and it STILL has barely budged. hmmmm…. there’s a blown spec…. lol

  4. Real collectors still don’t care about rocket, groot, or drax. Those are just “oh yeah…those guys” books. I would never chase a 1st appearance of these characters, but I’d flip the sh** out of it!

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