America Chavez Reported To Debut In Doctor Strange 2

There are reports that America Chavez is slated to make her MCU debut in Doctor Strange 2, Multiverse of Madness.

I first read this news at, so we might be a little late to the game on reporting this but better late than never right?

There are others reporting that this might set her up for Disney+, which signs point to a Young Avengers (first Young Avengers for Chavez was in Young Avengers Vol. 2 #1) series.

She’s also been a part of the Ultimates (Avengers #0 First Appearance) team along with starting off on the Teen Brigade (Incredible Hulk #6 was that teams first appearance). There was also the short lived A-Force she was a part of.

America Chavez made her first appearance in Vengeance #1.

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    1. Yup. Now the real question.. she’s been a part of so many groups. Young Avengers makes sense now that we’ve learned of Hulkling and such but wonder if Marvel has some surprises up their sleeves on introducing some others.

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