Throwback Thursday

This week, I asked someone to give me a random year to choose from. So this week we travel back to January 1973.

I briefly reviewed the DC books from this time frame and they were all pretty uninteresting.

So the book that caught my eye was none other than Iron Man #54, which gives us a great Iron Man vs Namor cover but also the first appearance of Moondragon (aka Madame MacEvil in this issue).

You can still find these issues at really affordable prices for the most part. It’s only time before this character makes it to the MCU I think. I’m just happy she goes by the name Moonragon over Madame MacEvil. Moondragon has a pretty deep history.

Now this issue is key but we all next in line is the coveted Iron Man #55 that has the first appearance of Thanos, Drax and a slew of other characters like Eros and Kronos. It’s hard to believe these characters have been around now for 47 years.

That’s the Throwback for this Thursday.

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    1. Yeah they do and most of the time the cover depicts what’s going on inside, in the story. Guess what 70% of this book is? Namor vs Iron Man. It’s just pages and pages of a brawl.. 🙂

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