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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 273rd edition of the open forum!

Anyone watching October Faction on Netflix? It is pretty good.

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So, What were your pick ups?

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    1. “Solid?”

      Show me one solid spec based solely on a baby 1st appearance (and not combined with Annihilus).


            1. you and I have a different interpretation of “solid”.

              Any book can go from $1 bin to $20 and back in the $1 in a week in this business.

              But thanks for the example. I’ll look into it.

              I was thinking $100+ as a minimum criteria for “solid” as that seems to be a good line in the sand…in terms of modern 1sts anyway and whose good spec was for the long hail (I.e. Miles and Spider-Gwen pass this criteria with flying colors).

              1. “Any book can go from $1 bin to $20 and back in the $1 in a week in this business.”

                Matter of minutes even.. remember Cates and Knull.. Thor God of Thunder.. that book was a dollar bin book and instantly was $50 to $60 or so.. in minutes it seemed. 🙂

                1. Nah, Knull is a god.. and we all know deaths no longer matter in the comic book world. I think Knull is a baddie that will be around for a long long time.. probably last longer than most of us and our own lifetimes.

    2. We’ll have to wait 12-18 years to find out I guess much like Billie Morales. Maybe they time warp like Hope Summers or Cable?

    3. For this week it may be the most exciting thing that happens to be honest. Slow week. (Other than variants). Normally baby spec isn’t a good thing but markets change. I mean Miles Morales baby sister was a thing based on people thinking she could become more. This one at least we know has powers.

      1. We also know should it be revealed that the baby is spider-zero all spec dies on that one. Not on solid ground….

        But we’ll have another Walmart key!! J-Clue love those…

      2. Anthony:

        In terms of spec, I would agree for this week.

        One thing to look for in terms of decent sales, being recent, and possibly on the shelves at stores is the Picard Countdown #1 and #2 from IDW.

        1st prints for #1 and #2 are going for $12-$16 and the 1:10 are selling for above ratio.

        Saw some completed auctions and was able to snag #1 (1:10) and #2 (1:10) for $27 and #1 & #2 X 2 for cover price.

        Actually is a pretty good story and ties into CBS’ new series.

        Just a thought.

        Good hunting!

        1. I saw this too and picked up 2 copies of Star Trek Picard #1 at cover ($4.99) yesterday. I couldn’t find #2 but bought #3; which released yesterday. I’d like to read the whole thing (1-3) but as you said 1 & 2 are hot and sold out everywhere.

  1. For those wondering on the ASM #33 Walmart variant. No sig on cover. Comes with 2nd print web of venom cult of carnage and civil war II #3 Quesada Hulk sketch wraparound.

    1. Ok, that’s the second source. KCC (not most reliable) was my only other source so I didn’t have any to confirm it in that app alone.

      I did go to massafera’s twitter and Facebook looking for any mention of his work on that book…all we’re dead ends.

      Their work is so similar. I still love the cover and recommend it. Thanks for looking into it.

      1. But then we wouldn’t get worked up over silly things like the nerds we are.

        What fun is that?!

        Fact is there’s a first time for everything….including cameos, shadows, and “full” appearances. And because it isn’t fun enough, the terms l “full” versus “cameo” is subjective….like comic grades!

        It’s the little things we argue about which makes this hobby fun.

    1. The 1st appearance is never in question, in terms of publishing dates. That is typically cut and dry. The debate would be why/how the hobby determines the value of one cameo over a full, and vice versa (or baby appearance vs grown up appearance, etc).

      For me, as a fan of the Super Hero Genre, a first appearance of importance is the one where the character appears in ‘hero form’ for the 1st time. But, even that term, ‘hero form’, in my veiw, has different definitions for each character. The whole debate is wholly subjective and moot when it boils down to each individual reader/collector/character. Cameo vs Full is subjective and so is adult vs cameo, etc. Which ever 1st is more important is determined by each individual who participates. The monetary value is determined by the market.
      Eg. As a fan of Carnage, I value ASM361, 1st Carnage, vs ASM344, 1st Cletus. Same with Venom. 1st Venom vs 1st Brock.
      Both of those examples happen to coincide with how the market reacts to each respective eg.. But that is not always the case.

      If you’re in the hobby the best advice is to buy what you like. Not because someone tells you, for whatever reason, that that book is important. But because you enjoy that book, and it has value to you as a comic collector. The hobby is large enough, and diverse enough, for all of us to find our happy place and to be content with our fellow hobbyists who are in their respective happy place within the hobby. 🍻✌️☠️

        1. What are the books in question for that character? TT12, Metal #2 and wasn’t there a book where he appears in an apparition before those two formerly mentioned books?

          His 1st, as far as publication is concerned (which was the part of my quote that you used and was left out of context🙃), TT12 and Metal #2 were released on the same day, and Snyder has said that Metal #2 comes first in story continuity. Given those facts, I would say that BWLs 1st appearance in DC continuity is Metal #2. If…if there is a book that I’m forgetting, the possible apparition appearance book (that may well be Metal2, 🤷‍♂️) and it was published before the TT12/Metal2 release date, then that book (whatever it is, if it exists (I just can’t remember either way atm), would be his first published appearance in DC continuity.

          My own personal opinion is that Metal #2 is a cameo. TT12 is 1st full. And the apparition book, if it exists (the apparition book may be Metal2, 🤷‍♂️), is also a cameo. M2c.

          1. If first appearance is never in question, the first ever appearance in a story is Dark Nights Metal: The Casting. As well as all those metal mash-ups. Yes, it’s as a shadowy vision without all the detail, but it’s still clearly TBWL.

            1. Thank you, DRog. Metal: The Casting was the book I was thinking of. And yes, Metal: The Casting is BWLs 1st appearance, as this is the first time we see a image of BWL in a comic panel, from a comic book story, in DC continuity. And as you can see, neither you or I can argue against BWLs 1st appearance, publication wise, as the story and release dates are firm facts that can not be disputed. The Casting has little value in the market though, due to a weak ass appearance (one shadowy figure amongst many shadowy figures), and a higher print run. Where as TT12 gets referred to as his 1st appearance, but that is simply the term that has been applied to label the book that collectors deem as his earliest, most valuable appearance. The decision by the market to label a 2nd, 3rd or 4th appearance as ‘1st Full appearance’ usually coincides with said character being fully in said book, usually named, usually in costume, and in a best case scenario, on the cover. 😉 But the markets decision to label this later appearance as 1st full does not take away from the fact that we see the BWL in The Casting book. Make sense?

              I would even go as far as to say that Venoms 1st appearances are Web of Spider-Man #18 and #24, in cameo. The story in those books clearly indicate that the shadowy figure in the subway and the arm out of the window, respectively, are Brock w/ the Symbiote, with these two incidents in the story clearly happening while not affecting Parker’s Spidey senses. In fact, I love those two lil’ Venom shadow cameos, as far as comic book story telling goes. 🍻

              1. Remember, Brubaker claims Winter Soldiers first appearance was in Captain America #1, not #6. Yes, it’s shadowy figure but nonetheless, it’s an appearance. It’s a figure we know exists, we just don’t know their name, what they look like, etc.. An appearance is an appearance. Most seem to attach the “more valuable book” as the first appearance. Cameos are a type of an appearance, there’s no debating it. It’s just silly to me to be honest.

                “A cameo is a cameo of course of course
                And no one can deny it’s an appearance of course.
                That is of course unless the cameo appearance
                Is denied by the creator…
                Go right to the source and ask the creator
                They’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse
                They’re always on a steady course
                Talk to the freaking creators…”


              2. I think we should start calling them first “key” appearances! Because we all love to apply the word “key” to everything that’s worth above cover…


                1. The term/label known as ‘1st appearance’ is already synonymous, in the hobby, with the word ‘key’, I think. Adding ‘key’ to the term/label would be redundant, I think. I do agree that the word ‘key’ in the hobby today is used, as you said, Drog, for just about every book that is valued over cover price.

                2. I use the term “key” when it’s a key book that alters the character or stories timeline. First appearances of characters that are mainstream and popular are keys. A first cover art appearance for a character I would probably refer to as “key” as well.

                  Let’s take example the new Batwoman, she’s perfect example cause now if she’s sticks around, I think she has several “key” books.

                  BB25 = First Character Appearance
                  BB36 = Cameo, we only know unknown person is gonna take the Batsuit. This I’d say is semi-key to be honest.
                  BB37 = First full appearance of new Batwoman in costume.
                  BB40 = Identity revealed of the new Batwoman.

                  Do these need to be valuable to me in order to be labled as “key”.. nope, not at all. Key is in reference to the character and story, not the value. If a book heats up one week and then sizzles away to nobody caring.. that’s not a key book, that’s just a quick flip…

              3. You know what else is funny.. go look up Hulk 180 (and many others).. what’s the label usually say? “First appearance cameo of Wolverine on last page”

                Cameo’s are appearances. Are they the most valuable, by all means.. no, the market demand determines value!

                1. Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, can you remind the stubborn Canadian I work with to do the same cause he never apologizes when he’s wrong, which is most of the time. 🙂

            1. I think it’s the cover that boosted TT12 to “modern key” status. People were telling me at the time the hype wasn’t going to last…and I said he’s here to stay…too popular to not use him in future stories.

              I also have a soft spot for it because it was the first book I bought as recommended by this site. I actually was going to buy it, but forgot about it until the Friday night after it came out while reading CHUs Wednesday releases article. Ran out Saturday morning and grabbed the only copy of A left. Also grabbed a few Bs but flipped them shortly thereafter for $15 ea.

              1. I think TT12 also won cause Metals 2 was just a little bit clearer image of him but not a whole lot more from Casting…. TT12 was full and cover… And most flocked to it and learning it was such a small print run compared to Metals madebit much harder to obtain.

              2. Agreed, Drog. Your steadfast rule is 1st cover appearance, and TT12 hits that mark. I believe the minute print run on TT12, compared to the large print run on Metal2 was also somewhat of a factor.

            2. Heard a rumor that there was an app of TBWL years prior to TT12. I’ve seen the book in question and it definitely resembles TBWL…

                1. Yeah I think it’s a prototype of the ‘who laughs’ concept… but it’s not my find. Just came across it in a YT vid. The more I look at it the more I see it.

    1. He’s been slacking. I slacked off too apparently, if he doesn’t sticky them I usually go edit it to make it a sticky. Today, maybe we should fire both of ourselves. Anthony, take the day off, you’re fired. Don’t come back until tomorrow!

  2. What about Spider horse? like seriously that’s got potential too 😛
    Think about this. Marvel dosn’t do an entire story line about a power just to give it to a baby and then do nothing with it. Capt dropped the baby off with Black Panther in Wakanda. I will bet dollars to donuts that the Starbrand Power will age this kid to a teenager within a year. Then will be put in a team with all the other teenage heros.

  3. Just wait until spider horse gets a damn symbiote stuck to it. Knull comes storming in to battle on his new warhorse….call him Equine-Nom…or Horse-Goblin…or the Scream symbiote bonds to it and becomes “Neigh” or “Whinny”…it’s gonna get its own movie…Universal not MCU of course

  4. Are the Walmart “variant” bundles of Dawn of X (X-Men 1, New Mutants 1, etc) worth anything? They look exactly the same to me except no barcode, and we know how people love their variants.

    1. unless it’s new art or a variant of the original art (like long hair abs short hair) they aren’t worth squat….today.

      Tomorrow? Who the hell knows? There was a time when subsequent printing of a book with the same art was worthless….now a 3rd printing of Transformers #1 in 9.8 grade is collectible.

  5. I saw this photo in an eBay listing for an OG Storm Shadow action figure w/ weapons. I broke out laughing when I saw the effort by the seller for Storm Shadows pose. Love it!

  6. What is the first ad appearance of TBWL in comics or comic news or mag? Thinking along the lines of Rust/Malibu for Spawn, or Foom/Thor for Wolverine.

    1. Don’t think there was an ad, at least the ads for Metals storyline did not include anything for the Dark Knights he was a part of.. first true appearance was shadowy figure in Dark Nights Metal: The Casting #1.

      1. I do not know off hand, but does anyone know if there was an image of BWL in Previews before The Casting #1 release date? That would be the only place I can think of where you may find an early pic of BWL, if you are looking for such a thing.

      2. So to add to the convo…I’m thinking there could be some type of caucus or convention to finally have and label/determine types of appearances. Don’t tell me that the comic community, (CGC, industry) doesn’t need/want this to be a universally accepted tenet for all parties involved. Published comic books have been happening since the maybe the Gutenburg Press was invented almost 600 years ago. Thinking about terms like: first advertisement in something other than a “normal comic book”, first advertisement in a comic book, first footprint, first words written, first shadow, first costume (thinking about you spider gwen), first appearance in costume, first body part, first sound made, first dialogue, first blurred appearance (thinking wolvie’s new daughter Rein), first preview (meaning a story is involved at least 3 panels), first pre-preview (only 2 panels or less). The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck the first comic book published in 1837. Hope we don’t have to wait 200 years for everyone to come to an agreement about firsts in regards to appearances.

  7. Being first in the mind of buyers is more important than first appearance. Significance, supply, demand, or year of publication can affect price.

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