Throwback Thursday

Last week we threw ourselves back to 1973, this week we throwback to 1989.

What happened back in 1989 around this time? Well, one thing that did happen was Ronald Perelman purchased Marvel Entertainment Group for a mere 82.5 million dollars from New World Entertainment. Only to take the company public several years later and then in just 7 years Marvel declares bankruptcy.

This first mention doesn’t need any explanation I think but Sandman debuted from Vertigo. Debuting in January of 1989, this was the start of a very long successful series by Neil Gaiman.

Thor was celebrating it’s 400th issue with Thor #400 this time in 1989.

This was a giant size special that kicked off a God vs God in the Greatest Battle Of All Time!

The Avengers were on issue #300 by this time, continuing the Inferno story crossover event that also crossed into Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur, X-Factor, New Mutants and X-Terminators.

Inferno was a crossover even that involved a demonic invasion of Earth, primarily based on the X titles at the time and New Mutants.

The Crow from Caliber Comics was getting introduced to the world, which later turned into the very cult classic movie with Brandon Lee.

One of my favorite early McFarlane covers for Amazing Spider-Man hit shelves this time of year in 1989 as well. The very cool looking Mysterio cover on Amazing Spider-Man #311.

That’s your Throwback Thursday for late January and dipping a bit into February from the year 1989. Tell us if you were collecting or reading in 1989.

6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. McFarlane covers of ASM were great. I remember looking for the hidden spider on each one of them. An extra bonus on his covers.

  2. Ah, 1989…what a year for great comic books.

    Also, the year I quit collecting, didn’t get back in until 1993, when Topps released their X-Files comic book.

    From there it steamrolled: first Preacher, then Hit-man, then Heroes Reborn started…

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