Pre-Game Report for 2/5/2020

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Not sure why this didn’t go up last night. But here is what to look for.

Regular Covers
Lois Lane #8 – This one snuck up on everyone even though the character Kiss of Death was featured in Lois Lane #7 which can still be grabbed for cover price. Issue 8 went from cover price to $15 book in the course of the day.

Aggretsuko #1 – both covers are doing well. A few were fire-sale’d for $14.99 (dumb move but quick money) while the majority are selling for $19.99. Grab and sell but hold a copy to be safe.

Project Icarus #1 – haven’t heard a lot about this Black Box comics, but the small print run book has had a sale at 8.99. Only other copy listed is at $8.

Ratio Variants

Darth Vader #1 1:100 Del Munro Variant – the book is good and has a surprise appearance in it. A copy of the variant has sold for $100 on best offer

Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3 Thank You Variant– one sold for $100 on 2/1/20. Most recent sale at $32.00.

Power Rangers #1 2ND Print Thank You Variant – haven’t heard of this but several have sold in the $50-$70 range.

Let me know if you see something we missed.

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  1. It can’t have been much. I think I only ordered three copies and we got one. It’s just that most stores will have ordered zero because most stores don’t order second prints at all unless it’s a massively popular title.

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