The Designer Revealed in Batman #90

The Designer has set a pack of assassins on Gotham City. Last night we released spoilers for Batman #88 showing the Designers grand plan is to bump off Bruce Wayne. Here is a look at the upcoming Batman #90 in which the Designer is revealed.

The Designer will finally be revealed in Batman #90. Key Collector released the following image on their Facebook site. Let us know who you think is under the mask and if the villain, who has been center stage in James Tynion’s run, will be one that sticks around.

23 thoughts on “The Designer Revealed in Batman #90”

  1. Lots of websites revealed that image. Krap Collector got the image from them. Why do you have Krap Collector as a source for info ?

    1. Because that is where I got the image from. It’s not my image. Normally when I post one of my own images, that I actually got the picture of first hand, you usually call me out saying I stole it from somewhere else. Here I use an image I got from another source, you call me out for citing the source.

    2. So Anthony got it from Key Collector. If Key Collector got it from another source, the right thing for them to do is to cite the source, but that’s on them.

      We get info from all over though. Usually where it’s first seen is where credit is given. Some use Key Collector, others may not. It’s still a source regardless.

      Why not talk about the reveal instead of being pedantic of where the info came from?

  2. I agree that it’s a neat design. I’m just not a big fan of the white mask, as it is very similar to Hushs bandages/mask, imo.

      1. Cap has an A on his forehead?

        I get what you’re saying though!

        I just feel there’s too much going on.

        The fur, the Mr. T like gold chains, the giant shoulder pads over smaller shoulder coverings.

        The top part looks like a ombo of a pirate and a drag queen and the bottom part (kamo pants and boots) looks like euro military.

        He may be the designer but he sure as hell ain’t a fashion designer!

          1. Good luck finding out who I am. Actually it’s probably not that difficult. China probably has a whole file on me somewhere in their government. Mostly thanks to my kids downloading every game app onto my iPad that exists, then deleting it for the next game 2 minutes later as the prior game was “boring”….

            But having a letter on the forehead versus letter plastered on your face is a bit different. One doesn’t distort your vision. It’s impractical!

            Unless you’re Rorschach. That guy can pull off weird things on his mask.

            1. Are you on the internet? Then game over.

              I once worked on a DOD contract. There was a girl who worked there that was so paranoid about personal privacy she actually got a co-worker to have her physical mail delivered to their house. I thought that was going a tad bit overboard. So as she was trying to convince me her reasoning, which I thought was ridiculous at the time, I challenged her. Told her by the end of the day I’ll get her address by just using the internet and what I knew about her, her name and obviously her location was Texas. She said I couldn’t do it. I did it and I found more about her.. she wasn’t thrilled. I just smiled. I told her, you’re on the internet, you have a smart phone. If you want to go off the grid, unplug, only use cash for everything. 🙂

  3. I’ve been reading Tynion’s run and the Designer is his central figure so my guess is he’s here to stay; at least through his run.

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