Throwback Thursday

This weeks throwback is a little different. It’s not even about a particular character but it’s been very important in the Marvel Universe. It’s even played a huge role in the Marvel movies. Comic enthusiasts talk about it all the time and it’s something even my wife is familiar with if you mention it by name.

What the heck could I even talking about? Can you guess? And it’s been around since February of 1966?

This may come to a surprise to some as the title that holds this first appearance. This is a title I think most wouldn’t expect since it plays a much bigger role outside of this characters normal story telling.

So what could it be? Vibranium of course. It made it’s first appearance in Daredevil #13. Which is surprisingly a very affordable book for a very notable first, despite it not being an actual person.

But Vibranium is special. Black Panthers suit is made from it. Captain America’s shield is made from it. Honestly it’s played a very special role in the Marvel Universe. It’s been around longer than a majority of their characters.

It’s a very powerful metal, it absorbs then store and then release huge amounts of kinetic energy.

Here’s the remaining pages that show this very special first full appearance. Yes, there’s no debate, Daredevil #13 is the first full appearance of Vibranium. Scroll down for more details on Vibranium as this initial first appearance was a variation.

Now, it was later revealed that this version of Vibranium is considered to be Anti-Metal, based out of Antarctica. A newer version was introduced in Fantastic Four #53 when Black Panther was emerging into the Marvel Universe, gaining in popularity from the previous issue Fantastic Four #52 which is his first. In Fantastic Four #53 we learn more about Vibranium that is mined out of Wakanda in Black Panthers Origin Story.

What’s the primary difference between the variations out of Wakanda and the Antarctic? The Antarctic was known to be able to cut through any metal whlie the Wakanda version could also absorb sound and vibrations, hence the term “vibranium” it came to be known as.

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  1. Nice write up. You went above and beyond on this one. Didn’t know that much about the metal and now I feel a little nerdier lol.

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