Poyo’s Trade and Hardcover Picks of the Week

We shouldn’t just collect or flip books, we should also read them. A good story can make your purchase well worth the money spent if you ask me. After all, we buy books to read for entertainment right? Even if you can’t flip them, reading is just as rewarding.

We tend to focus on mostly the floppy copies each week and kind of ignore the trades and hardcovers that come out week after week.

Swamp Thing is one of my favorite DC characters. We need more Swamp Thing in our lives I think. I haven’t read all of the books collected as I missed out on a few but that’s what makes this first trade pick so special, a great way to catch up on reading at a more affordable cost.

Swamp Thing Tales From the Bayou TPB

Join Swamp Thing and his witch companion Briar as they face the pyromaniac Char Man, who possesses the ability to control flames!

Plus, the barrier between worlds grows thin- and only Swamp Thing is strong enough to face the monsters from the other side! Collects stories from Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1, Swamp Thing Giant #1-7 (first series), Swamp Thing Winter Special #1, Swamp Thing’s Halloween Horror #1, and Young Monsters in Love #1.

I’m not going to pass up a great Vader story and read. I usually pick up every Vader single issue just to collect but I skipped out on this now collected trade book, so it’s a likely must pickup for me.

Star Wars Target Vader TPB

Darth Vader vs. bounty hunters! The Dark Lord of the Sith is on the hunt for a mysterious criminal syndicate operating outside of the Empire’s rule. But little does he know that he too is being targeted – by a group of the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters, hired by the syndicate to take out Vader once and for all!

Led by fallen Imperial Officer Beilert Valance, this ragtag group of assassins will stop at nothing to score the biggest bounty of their lives. Valance and Dengar seek the perfect weapon to kill the Sith Lord – and they’ll need it when Vader turns the tables and corners them! But what happens when both the hunters and the hunted uncover the dark secrets behind the criminal syndicate known only as the Hidden Hand?

Collecting STAR WARS: TARGET VADER #1-6. Rated T

Any video game lovers out there? Some of the artwork that now goes into video games is quite amazing. So this book has got my interest, a perfect coffee table type book to enjoy and admire when you got some downtime after reading all your favorite CHU articles.

Art of Mana HC

The first official art book of Square Enix’s hit Mana video game series, The Art of Mana collects more than twenty-five years’ worth of memories with over 200 pages featuring more than 400 illustrations from the original creative team along with detailed explorations of every character, original sketches, world designs, and much more.

Presented in English for the first time, this beautiful collection is not to be missed.

Okay so this next one is a trade but not your normal trade type of book. You can detach and pull out the 12×16 pages from this portfolio trade and turn the art for the walls. So this is definitely a cool idea for all you Joshua Middleton fans and the type of book printed on heavier cardstock I can get behind. Definitely a great way to get some art for the comic book cave you may have.

DC Poster Portfolio Joshua Middleton TPB

The next DC Poster Portfolio spotlights the breathtaking artwork of Joshua Middleton from variant covers for Aquaman, Batgirl, and more!

Printed on heavy card stock at a big 12 by 16 inches, the pages of the Poster Portfolios are easily pulled out and are suitable for framing.

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  1. I recently picked up Moore’s run on ST in TPB. I’ve never read much Swampy, but I have been getting into the character, and subsequently Constantine, recently.

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