Ready for Punchline? The New Villain in Batman

DC sent out a email to go over all the recent Punchline buzz. Here it is in it’s full entirety.


COMING YOUR WAY IN BATMAN #89 AND YEAR OF THE VILLAIN: HELL ARISEN #3 (there’s also a pretty cool looking Federici Variant)

Quick Mention: Batman #89 Pre-Sales are now starting around the $13 price point while Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 is hitting the $20 price point on eBay.

A brand-new DC villain set to play a major role in Batman’s life is already generating buzz and press interest…but who is Punchline?

The mysterious new villain pops up on February 19 in a one-panel cameo in Batman #89.

One week later, Punchline makes her full-on debut as The Joker’s latest-and deadliest-henchwoman in Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3.

To meet anticipated demand for Punchline’s first full-fledged appearance, Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 will have a significant overprint. This issue is available for advance reorder under item codes DEC190434 – DEC190435.

Finally, here’s a sneak peek of Punchline at Stanley “Artgerm” Lau’s variant cover for Batman #94, on shelves May 6!

46 thoughts on “Ready for Punchline? The New Villain in Batman”

    1. Well, these still got another week for Batman #89, so Midtown will list them next Wednesday and then YOTV #3 will get listed the week after. TFAW will list pre-orders on books and then continue to sell what extras the bought until they sell out, not relisting them unless they obtain more. I haven’t checked any other sites.

        1. High print or not, demand is what causes heat, not print runs. Print runs just assist, when supplies are low and demand is high, creates a higher value in most cases. Batman #1 New 52 had how big of a print run? I think was around 188k and it’s still peaked around the $150 mark raw at one time. Seems most NM- copies still easily sell for $25 or more.

      1. Can’t understand why anyone would pay $13 for either one. We all know that all the big companies are going to have tons of copies and they will be limited to one per. Unless you ignore the next two Wednesday, I would say the chances of missing out are pretty low.

        1. Yes! I was trying to remember which villain that was, whom DC touted would be the Next Big Addition to the Batman Rogue’s Gallery who’d be recurring for the next 80 Years, etc… and where is he now?

          1. Nobody utilized him since Snyder’s run. I’m sure he’ll re-emerge one day. That’s how villains are, since they come and go, that’s why they’re always hit or miss.

  1. In one of Tynion’s interviews, he added:

    “I am VERY excited for her to start showing up in the books.
    Spoilers. She is not a nice guy.”

    Possibly punchline is Trans? That would be a different character arc
    for a major title.

    1. I stopped caring so much about why people throw money away like they do to be honest. I use to care more, try to educate but you know, that’s on them to educate themselves to make wise decisions when making purchases.

        1. Batman #89 is closed for orders from what I was told and I verified there is still orders available of YOTV Arisen #3 available. I believe YOTV #3 is the one they overprinted. But it’s already getting listed on eBay for $20 with pre-sales.

          So yeah, Batman #89 might end up being the overall winner if the supplies are low and demand is high. I think YOTV will be a much easier book to obtain.

          You can get your local shops to order YOTV though, it’s still available at Diamond.

        2. Okay, seems Diamond has YOTV #3 listed as in stock but got word that Diamond sent email after my source added some to their order that it’s not in stock and is on backorder. Once I get more info, maybe they’re doing a fast track to meet orders for the first printing.. if someone else has any info, spill the beans here. If not, might find out more after the weekend.

  2. Ordered #89A+B last weekend and I won’t miss out on YOTV:HA #3 with the reorders. It looks like Tynion wasn’t actually fooling around in his newsletter, so the $10 Joker 80th Anniversary 100 Pager will probably have Punchline’s origin story.

    1. I think there’s still gonna be plenty come release day at the local shops, just get there early. And yeah, if you’re not a flipper but a reader, shoot, wait for the trade I say.

  3. Added BACK to my pull list. Will likely drop it again after issue 90…if not after 89.

    But seems to me people are spec’ing this is the next Harley.

    “Punchline?” Not a very catchy name…but I’ll throw $4 at it. It’ll be good for the economy.

  4. What is the likelihood that Mercy Graves is Punchline? I was reading through YOTV:HA and physically she fits the bill. She even meets up with Joker in issue #2.

  5. need to up my order and call in a favor .love ya all blind adam out.and so far batman has been decent not new 52 great but decent again blind adam out

  6. The ridiculousness of Captain Marvel #8 with Star killed it for me for going from shop to shop in the morning trying to score multiple copies, seeing 2 LCS’s on my route with “Sold Out” signs on the window, then those same shops having a stack at ebay prices the next week.
    No new character from the last couple of years has staying power IMO.

  7. Diamond is now sold out (back ordered) on cover A of Hell Arisen #3. Cover B is still orderable. Batman # 89, both covers, are sold out too.

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