Anthony’s Pick-Ups for 2/9/20

Anthony from shares some of his pick ups from this week. There are some 50 cent books, some key issues, and even a pre-code horror book. Check them out below.

12 thoughts on “Anthony’s Pick-Ups for 2/9/20”

    1. I find stuff in my collection all the time I don’t remember. But the old man’s shop is full of treasures. Hundreds of unsorted long boxes in the basement plus all the stuff up in the shop proper. Hundreds of thousands of comics. Sad he is gone and never got to sell off his retirement like he wanted. I feel horrible down there sometimes like I am picking through his private stash.

  1. Most people forget the part about about taking care of yourself so you live long enough for investments to ripen…especially if you have a good job and bennies…obesity is for others, I got investments that need to furition!!!

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