FOC Review: Strange Academy #1

Greetings all! Today we are reviewing  Strange Academy #1   . Marvel has been showcasing these new characters with previews in this weeks new books, But we have read an advanced copy of the issue. Continue to the review….

The comic follows Emily Bright, a Magic user since birth, who is trying to figure out how to control these powers. She is recruited by Zelma Stanton to attend a new school for magic users. Upon meeting everyone they are given rooms and paired up with each other. We then see the part that has been previewed in the marvel books, Dr Strange is fighting a demon and the students are tasked to help.

It was a good read and once again Skottie Young has not disappointed with his story telling. Add in Humberto Ramos’s art and you have a fantastic combination! Strange Academy #1 is on FOC this Monday 2/10/20. As an added bonus, below you will find the names of all the new characters in this book.

Introducing: Zoe Laveau, Shaylee Moonpeddle, Iric and Alvi of Asgard ( Brothers), German, Toth, Calvin Morse, “Frost Giant” ( not named in first issue), Dessy, Doyle Dormmamu and Emily Bright.

Edit: A user notified us the Frost Giants name is Guslaug.


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