Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 109

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. I am back from Las Vegas. If you want to check out a cool toy store go to Rouge Toys on Las Vegas Blvd. The shop is amazing. This is the toy store that helps the Pawn Stars call for help. To the staff at Torpedo Comics, thank you for being so amazing, had a blast at Torpedo and I loved they walked me around and helped me shop so try them if your out in Vegas. Also, go buy doughnuts at Pink Box Doughnuts that is all for the endorsements. X-Force #5, The Marauders #6, X-Men #5 were my reads of the week.  Johnathan Hickman is the X-Men master. .Riverdale  and Harley Quinn own on the small screen. Finally, I am excited for Rick and Morty Pringles. Now let’s make money on comics, shall we?

1. Mickey Mouse #208 and #209 – Mickey Mouse is the master and the ruler of the world. he owns it all. Marvel, Star Wars, The X-Men everything… including at one time Brittany Spears… even ABC and ESPN. Don’t mess with Mr. Mouse. This is the Whitman comics series. these two issues were available in the infamous Whitman 3 packs and are tough to find in all grades and command dollar dollar happy hunting and if you find them, email me as I will buy them

2. Detective Comics #934 as you know I love the CW’s Batwoman. Alice is the best villain on the CW.  I also love Luke Fox on the show. I wanted to try and find the first time Batwoman and Batwing worked together in the early days of Rebirth. They did do that in this run of Detective Comics. Kate and Luke worked together and now they star on the TV together. A cheap book that can be found at shops and conventions $1-10

3. Batman #363 Speaking of Batwoman. A batman villain Nocturna is coming to the CW show. She has a history with Batwoman in the comics. this is her first pre-crisis appearance.  $5-15. Check those back issue bins.

4. Robin #100 this 1992 series book features Natalie Metternich, aka Nocturna. This is her first post-Crisis appearance and is super cheap. If the CW goes the way I hope they do this could be a great grab $1-$5.

5. Batwoman #34 Nocturna turns Batwoman into a Vampire. This is a crazy issue that got a lot of flack due to the “rape scene” involved. This is a super cheap book and if Kate Kane gets turned into a vampire on the show it would be #awesomesause! $1 and up.

6. Futures End Batwoman #1 a sweet lenticular cover and Kate Kane Batwoman as a vampire. Again, a $1 book that is easy to find.

7. Uncanny X-Men #133 classic John Byrne cover. First solo Wolverine story, pre-dates the mini-series. Wolverine vs the Hellfire Club and Donald Pierce just reappeared. This story leads into the creation of the Reavers who were made kid friendly on the 1990’s animated series. It features the first cameo of Jean as the Dark Phoenix and has a scene involving Storm that I don’t believe would make it in todays SJW comics. Read it just a classic book $15 and up

8. Worlds Finest #252 Poison Ivy vs Wonder Woman bronze age classic that is all. I believe early Poison Ivy appearances between Batman #183, stuff like Lois Lane #115, 116, and 117, JLA #111 and #158, and this Worlds Finest story will go up in price Harley Quinn is the best animated series in years and I love ivy on it $10 and up

Well I am going to run. Playing catch up and working on something special. Love you all and have a blessed week
blind adam out

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  1. BA! If you’re in Vegas the weekend of Feb. 21-23 for the LVLUP EXPO then look me up on FB and I will be happy to get you in for some fun sir. Be good to yourself my friend and keep these awesomesauce articles coming my dude!

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