Spoilers: Gwen Stacy #1 All Gwen Teamup

Because you demanded it. Tomorrow’s Gwen Stacy #1 features the full first appearance Gwen alternate team of super-heroes. Check it out below.

We get the A-Gwen-Gers. Featuring:

The A-Gwen-Gers first appear on the Secret Wars #4 Variant cover

HawkGwen who first appears as part of the team cover on the Secret Wars #4 Variant

Gwen Goddess of Thunder who first appears on the Thor #1 Variant cover

Captain Gwen-Merica who first appears on the Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 Variant cover

In-Gwen-ible Hulk Who first appeared on the cover of Future Imperfect #1 Variant (also appears very different on the team cover Secret Wars #4 Variant)

Iron-Gwen who first appears on the Armor Wars #1 Variant cover

And of course Spider-Gwen who first appeared in Edge of Spiderverse #2

This seems to be a first appearance for Gob-Tron, a non-Gwen mashup of Ultron and Green Goblin.

This post should make our own Agent Poyo’s head explode. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Spoilers: Gwen Stacy #1 All Gwen Teamup”

  1. Well, Marvel loves money….This will make them a bunc.! Probably become a huge collectible since they will keep pushing Gwen for a looooooong time. Me? I miss the old when there was just one Gwen and she was dead.

  2. I always give comic books the benefit of the doubt, but this is just fucking stupid. It’s an obvious cash grab capitalizing on the speculators 1st appearance craze. The characters and names arent even clever, it’s like theyre not even trying anymore. People at Marvel laughing and joking with each other ” What’s the dumbest thing we can get people to buy. ” 90’s poor writing and oversaturation all over again.

  3. Hmmmm, here is a story for Marvel….All the Vampire and Zombie Gwen’s of the Multiverse get together and try to take over all the other earths…Who will save the Multiverse???? Yup, the all Gwen team-up!!! So many different good and bad Gwen’s every issue has a variant cover depicting one of them!

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