Pre-Game Report for 2/12/20

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

X-Men #6 Mark Brooks – Still a ton of cover price ones out there, however, there have been sales at the $8 price point.

This week seems to be all about the ratios.

Star Wars Rise of Kylo Ren #3 1:25 Variant – Prices currently slightly above ratio at $29.99 but sales in the past couple of days have been as high as just under $50.

Undone by Blood #1 1:15 Variant – What was $20-25 a few days ago is now hitting $40.00

Gwen Stacy #1 1:200 Jee Hyung Variant this one is a gamble at such a large ratio, however, closed recent sales puts this book at almost a hundred over ratio at $299.99

Marvel Tales Wolverine One Shot The Winner of the Week, this 1:50 variant has hit the $200 range

Let me know if you see something we missed.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report for 2/12/20”

  1. Scottie Young Venom 23 has been consistently selling over $10 most of the week.

    Quickly sold out at MCS, less than 30 minutes after it went up.

  2. We didn’t get Brooks either. And we have customers who are pulling “all x-men variants up to 1 in 100” but they understand that on these meet-or-exceed variants there are times when it’s an order we just can’t fill.

  3. No Brooks X-Men variant at the two LCS’s I’ve hit so far. Would like it for the collection, but not chasing it. If I come upon it great, if not, I can live without it.

    What stinks is if shops can’t qualify for it, then it can’t reach Brooks’ fans. That’s just a waste of a good cover IMO. C’mon, Marvel, you can do better.

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