Variant Picks of the Week for February 12th, 2020

Picking variants has been fun. I’m going to keep doing these weekly. This week has some great covers.

Nebula #1 Andrew Robinson Variant is my first pick. Great looking cover.

This next one is a pretty slick cover as well. If you’re reading Dollhouse Family, make sure to grab this variant.
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Dollhouse Family #4 (of 6) (Jay Anacleto Variant)

I mentioned this book previously but it’s definitely the sex appeal type of book that will get most collectors to snag a copy. Plus, JeeHyung Lee is a great artist. The pick is Gwen Stacy #1 Lee Variant.
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I really dig Stephanie Hans artwork. This one is pretty slick and for the fans out there, a must have. It’s Spirits of Ghost Rider Mother of Demons #1 Stephanie Hans Variant.

It’s a card stock cover but I still really enjoy Artgerm’s work. It might not heat up but it’s a definite pickup for any long time Artgerm fan. It’s the cover for RWBY #5 by Artgerm.
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Rwby #5 (of 7) (Card Stock Stanley Lau Variant)

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