Robert Pattinson Bat-Suit Screen Test Revealed

The Batman Director Matt Reeves has released a video showing Robert Pattinson’s The Batman costume. The video is dark so we pulled it and dropped the color to give off more detail. Check it out below and let us know what you think:


8 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson Bat-Suit Screen Test Revealed”

  1. He looks too much like Daredevil, not Batman. My concerns about him being way too skinny are confirmed. I hate when they try to make up for a slight actor by distracting you with heavy armor that resembles the Arkham games, a la most cosplay.

  2. He does look DD, and I think Batman needs to be more muscular. I don’t think this will impart to much fear into Gorhams criminals.

  3. I’ve been skeptical since he was announced .. maybe he can pull it off .. for me, it’s going to be tough to match or beat Keaton and/or Bale ..

    1. If nothing else, the armor is way too reminiscent of Bale’s. I wish they had gone in a different direction, like casting a macho Jon Hamm type and just gone with the grey and blue cloth outfit almost without so much hi tech plating.

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