Throwback Thursday

This week our time machine got stuck in 1966 another week so we revisit what else occurred around this time in the comic book world.

Journey Into Mystery was the very book that introduced us to the Mighty Thor, who’s gone on to be a major character from the comics and into the movies.

First introduced in Journey Into Mystery #83 (a true key book for any hardcore collector and out of the reach for most), Thor became the headliner character up until 1966 where Journey into Mystery #125 which would be the last issue bearing this title in or around February of that year.

So they drop the Journey into Mystery title (what was really just a prefix at this point) and now the world got The Mighty Thor #126.

So just like Captain America who’s first true solo title started with #100, Thor got his with issue #126.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday”

  1. there was a reason why certain books didn’t “start over” with an issue #1 back in the day when they decided a major character should be the title like Captain America 100, Incredible Hulk 102 and Thor 126… I forget what that reason was…

    Anyone recall why?

  2. It had to do with the postal rates in some way. If they cancelled a book and started a new one at #1, they had to re-register or something and pay a fee.

    I know that’s probably not exactly how it went, but I think I’m close.

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