February Previews 2020 – Marvel Spotlight Books

Previews gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight of new books coming out of February Previews for Marvel.

Marvel sure does putting out new volume reboot #1 books around the time their movies hit theaters right? Well, hopefully this is a ongoing series instead of a mini-series as I normally enjoy some good Black Widow storytelling.

Black Widow #1

Best-selling, Eisner-nominated writer Kelly Thompson (CAPTAIN MARVEL, STAR) and rising star artist Elena Casagrande (Catwoman) launch a new BLACK WIDOW series that changes everything!

Natasha Romanoff has been a spy almost as long as she’s been alive. And she’s never stopped running, whether she was working for the good guys…or the bad. But Natasha’s world is about to be upended.

Beyond San Francisco’s Golden Gate lies a mystery that only the Marvel Universe’s greatest spy can solve. Don’t miss the heartbreaking thrill ride of 2020! Rated T+

Captain America #21

ALL DIE YOUNG continues as the time when Steve Rogers must pick up the shield and the stripes once more draws nigh! Rated T+

Gotta love a good Alex Ross cover. This series has flown under the radar without many mentions but one can say the cover art has been great throughout.

This series has been pretty good I think in terms of story telling. Lots of buzz with the new Star character in the earlier issues. Now comes a new story arc after the Vox Supreme and this one comes with a pretty cool Brooks regular cover with Wolverine on the front.

Captain Marvel #17


It’s poker night at Casa Danvers, and with Wolverine, Monica Rambeau, Spider-Woman, Hazmat, Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel all in the game, Carol might just lose her shirt.

But who – or what – is THE NEXUS and why is it ruining this much needed R&R!?! Rated T+

As a Darth Vader fan, this is a must and the story has been quite refreshing. I can’t say I am a huge fan of the Padme and Anakin chemistry in the first 3 movies but I do like the flashbacks as we all know Vader is a very disturbed individual who allows his past and present haunt him.

Star Wars Darth Vader #3

GHOSTS OF VADER’S PAST! In his quest to destroy everyone who hid the existence of his son, Luke Skywalker, from him, Darth Vader has formed an unlikely partnership with an eerie shadow from his previous life.

Now they return to Naboo where a powerful new host of vengeful ghosts awaits them. Delve deeper into Vader’s past than you thought possible with this shocking tale of tragedy and revenge! Rated T

New volume and story. I really like Doctor Aphra so this new volume is a must. We need a Disney+ show already!

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #1

NEW CREW, NEW MISSION! With the Rebel Alliance back on the run after their defeat at the Battle of Hoth, it’s never been a more dangerous time for outlaws, scoundrels and the errant rogue archaeologist to make their way in the galaxy.

But after a string of bad luck and near escapes, DOCTOR APHRA is back on the job! She’s been keeping a low profile – jobs are scarce and credits scarcer. But the promise of the score of a lifetime is a chance too good for her to pass up. And to find the cursed RINGS OF VAALE, Aphra will need a crew of treasure hunters the likes of which the galaxy has never seen before!

But RONEN TAGGE, heir to the powerful Tagge family, also has his eyes on the prize. Do Aphra and her team stand a chance at fortune and glory? Rated T

I’m a Kyle Hotz fan. His cover art is pretty awesome most of the time. I’m buying this one just for the cover.

Web of Venom Wraith #1

Since his appearance in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, one thing WRAITH has made perfectly clear is that he’s hunting KNULL, the God of the Symbiotes.

Now, in the wastelands on the outskirts of the cosmos, he’ll have his chance to face him… Rated T+

It’s got Moon Knight on the cover and artwork my Scalera. Of course I’m going to pick it up.

Avengers #33

MOON KNIGHT VS. THE AVENGERS Mummies are rising from their graves. Secret armies march by moonlight, from K’un-Lun to Wakanda to Greenwich Village.

A dark god invades Asgard. And the Moon Knight has been unleashed as never before. So begins the Age of Khonshu. So fall the Avengers. Rated T+

The end of Venom Island. Over-sized issue. Wonder if they’re gonna make anything actually spec worthy happen in this issue? Regardless, I’m digging the regular cover. Venom with wings and the Necromancer Sword…

Venom #25

SPECIAL OVERSIZED 25th ISSUE! VENOM ISLAND FINALE! Caught between a Brock and a hard place!

Eddie must make a life-altering decision. How does Eddie move on from the events of VENOM ISLAND? Rated T+

I have a feeling this new title is going to become a Disney+ show. Might not be right away but it’s totally geared and destined I think to become a show.

Strange Academy #2

Go to class with the students at STRANGE ACADEMY! Your class schedule:

10:35-11:35 GYM with COACH TAYLOR
11:40-12:10 LUNCH (cooked by MINDFULL ONE)
1:30-2:30 INFERNO 101 with MAGIK
2:40-3:20 (Pending survival) STUDY HALL

Rated T

Great new series by Cates to continue Thor with some good story telling. I just hope it doesn’t get a little too crazy with the story.

Thor #5

THE BLACK WINTER IS HERE. A god. A king. A herald. Every title Thor has worn has come with its own powers, its own terrible responsibilities.

But none of them will be enough to stop the Black Winter. To save the Ten Realms – the entirety of the Multiverse – the Odinson must become…something else… Parental Advisory

And finally, the last spotlight book I’m looking forward to coming out of Previews for Marvel. I’ve actually started reading some of the older stuff again and this is a character I really enjoy, particularly when I was refreshing myself with some early Moon Knight appearance reading.

Werewolf by Night #1 (of 4)

THE HOUR OF THE WOLF! A new Werewolf by Night is prowling the Southwest, but all is not as it seems!

A young man, a family curse, and an unholy experiment prove a dangerous combination for a small town in Arizona. All young Jake wants is to protect his people, but who will protect him from the monster within?

Taboo of the BLACK EYED PEAS and Benjamin Jackendoff team up with Scot Eaton to tell an epic tale of righteous fury and incredible transformation in the Mighty Marvel Manner that is not to be missed! Rated T+

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