Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 111

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. Just want to say thank you and that I love you all. Before we get into the comics, I just want to share some perspective. Always remember to hug your loved ones. I had two deaths in my family in the last two weeks, my great uncle and my grandma, so you just never know. So be good to yourself and to each other, now lets make some money with some comics cause you can’t teach that.

1. Locke and Key #1 2nd Print – Locke and Key is on fire. Netflix makes great shows based on comics. I didn’t know this 1st appearance and key Joe Hill series had a second print until now. $10 and up

2. Locke and Key #1 Dynamic Forces Variant – this one is a little more well known. Sells well if you can find it. Had a print run of about 3,000 copies

3. Slasher #1 – and speaking of Netflix. Netflix loves Charles Forsman. Charles Forsman puts out great independent comics. His books The End of the F**king World and I Am Not OK With This have both become Netflix shows. Is it just a matter of time before this strange little indy gem is adapted as well?

4. Revenger – Another of Forsman’s books. This one is more violent, kind of a black female punisher character. Again. Netflix has been adapting Forsman’s work with no big press releases or anything. So, see if you can find issues 1-5 of the original series. Happy hunting for this one.

5. Sabrina the Teenage Witch #29 – Archie comics featuring the female leads in bikinis have been doing well. I wanted to mention this Sabrina bikini cover that has Sabrina eating hot dogs in a bikini. WTF? Everyone is chasing Betty, that Cherry Blossom chick, and the rest of the Riverdale gang, why not the witch? #testify $25 and up

6. Batman #89 Second Print Punchline is hot. All it will take is if Punchline becomes cosplay gold or not first prints are $50 and up Hell Arisen #3 are going for $20 and up. batman #90&92 are blowing up and I believe at&t/dc have plans for her beyond comics $5 and up for now

7. Punchline #1 – So while the sale of Batman #89 and Year of the Villains Hell Arisen #3 is going on between retailers and sellers, there is another fight going on over the book. Apparently, Ray Felix has a female clown character named Punchline also. A certain “news” site pointed it out. Here is where you can check out Punchline.

8. Fantastic Four Annual #1 – Namor is #awesomesauce. I love the 1966 cartoons. If Namor makes into Black Panther 2 or movies or Disney+ this will be as key as Fantastic Four #4 and Submariner #1. This oversized classic has many first appearances including the Lady Dorma, Namor’s love, and Krang. It is a square bound book so high grades are tough and Namor is stronger then a whale #testify $100 and up.

9. Fantastic Four #33 – I am on a Namor kick this week. I mentioned Krang but lets not forget Attuma. Attuma is Namor’s major big bad. All Fantastic Four books between s#1-50 are great buys in any condition so just buy the grade you can afford and enjoy

10. DC Universe Rebirth #1 – I think o.g. Wally West is going to hit the big time look at Flash Faword #6. Wally gets the powers similar to Dr Nanhattan. This book brings Wally back after years of being gone. The ending of this story always brings a tear to my eye. There are four prints and even a german gold foil edition worth seeking, but trust me bro, books like the Flash War, Flash 44-50, snag the Mattina covers, books like Heroes in Crisis, dollar box stuff right now, Doomsday Clock and everything leading up to 5G and whatever At&t/DC/WB want to do will make the Flash the new face of the DCU $5-20

love all of you .so until next week use the force blind adam out

14 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 111”

  1. On the cover of the Ray Felix book it has Punchline spelled in two words, ‘ Punch Line’. DCs new character is Punchline. One word. Just my observation.

  2. Wishing you and your family good thoughts and prayers Adam. My father just had surgery yesterday to remove part of his right lung. My mother in law is having triple bypass next week. When it rains it pours and sometimes that rain hits hard.

      1. Thanks. The surgery for my father was successful. It was cancer in the lower lobe of his right lung. That lobe was removed. They believe it was in the early stages and feel it didn’t spread to the lymph nodes. They won’t know for sure until tests come back next week so cautious optimism. My mother in law, well she hasn’t listened to her doctor in decades so now she has to go through this. She is strong and will probably do just fine. Just hope she listens to her doctors advice now. Gets difficult to dodge those bullets at her age.

        1. My dad had half his left lung removed and they went in and had the rest of it removed five years later. He was a camera man after he retired as a jockey and still climbed his tower every day for 30 years after his lung was removed. It wasn’t the cancer that ended up getting him years later. He was a tough old man for being so small.

          1. Wow! A jockey? That so cool! Sounds like a old school tough guy! My dad fits that bill as well.Hoping they got all of it. Watching loved ones get old isn’t easy.

  3. o.c. will keep you and your family in my prayers thank you everyone for the love and surport blind adam out

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