Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 3/2/2020

Another FOC Monday is upon us comic book collectors and speculators. FOC is the last chance to put in your orders with your comic shops and likely get at a discount for pre-ordering.

I don’t usually go for the higher ratio variants but this weeks FOC was pretty limited and I just love this David Finch 1:25 variant for Wolverine #2. Already seeing pre-sales listed at $50 range on average.

There is also a Wolverine #2 David Finch Virgin Variant. It’s a 1:100 ratio. Unless there’s a first appearance, might want to try and snag on the secondary but Finch rarely disappoints so this one could see some love or heat. TFAW has it listed for $79.99 after their discount and a few pre-sales put it around the $89 mark. A few active listings has a few $100 and up listings.

Also on FOC this week is Batman #90 2nd Print. The first print has sold out and is seeing some secondary market sales around the $30 range. So if you missed out and don’t want to spend $30 for a first print, make sure to snag your 2nd print.

10 thoughts on “Poyo’s FOC Highlight Book for 3/2/2020”

      1. That is a kick but cover. Not sure I want to pay such a premium on it though. These variants rarely hold with nothing critical going on inside the covers.

      2. I dunno….seems like every other Wolverine cover to me,,,,how many time can you draw him crouched down staring straight ahead with claws drawn standing in the rain?

        Some originality please.

          1. Yup. And I can look the other way with those as well. So I’m not sure what your point is.

            When I was going back and looking for what Wolverine covers look like this, I came across the frank miller limited series issue #3. That is a cool/different cover. Doesn’t even have his uniform on or claws drawn.

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