15 thoughts on “Aggretsuko #1 – Spring Conventions Variant”

  1. And just like that, under cutters came and listed at $23.95.

    I ordered the Rouge Plant though for my Bunn collection.

  2. My question is has this book lost its hype with people moving on to the next flavor of the month. Not seeing many sold of this exclusive even with the undercutters.

    1. It’s fizzled out some but could be more of the long term hold. I know these convention variants were hot so really wanted to point out that you can now nab them for their $10 convention price instead of paying top secondary market dollars.. 😉

      1. @agentpoyo I’m always thankful for the info. Just trying hard going forward to make smart decisions on the secondary market. Things are looking crazy in the market/industry with the virus/5g/rumors/stocks going down/etc. I wanna flip some books so I can jump on the stuff I really want for my collection. Made many mistakes last yr as the first yr into the hobby. So no more going after the hype chase books of the week for me.

        1. Yeah, I’d say if you wanna buy one of these it’s either for the PC or long term. Unless you want a smaller profit margin and undercut others. Spending $10 now to sell for $20 + you have to wait for the book to arrive probably going to miss the better window opportunity.

          Not to knock Oni but they have slow ship times and they’re not the greatest packers to protect the books in my experience. I wouldn’t list something until you have it in hand.

    2. You would probably be correct since there is rarely any other outcome.
      It’s all about capitalizing on folks who can’t control themselves during the frenzy.
      10 years later after speculating sites have popped up all over, it’s still surprising to me how so many people fall for the flavor of the moment and purchase at the heights of value. Surprising and in some way …. pathetic.
      But…. to those who wheel and deal and are able to get their stuff out there before it drops like a rock – bravo. I just can’t be bothered anymore for $5, $10, $15 profit fighting everybody else during that small time window.

      1. Humans are like a pack of dogs all trying to get to a single bowl of food through a door wide enough for 2 of them at a time. The pack mentality, fear of missing out and to be “first” is a mental disease for sure and will never go away.

        It’s like when people pack theaters to be “first” to see a movie when they can wait a couple of weeks, see it in the middle of the week with a more pleasurable experience instead of the frenzy crowds the weekend of release.

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