Spoilers: Batman #92 – Last Page of Batman’s New Nightmare?

Yesterday we spoiled the first full page of Punchline in Batman #92. Not really a spoiler per se, since we all knew she was going to show up in the book. Now we spoil the last page of the details we left out, which is more spoilage for the story within and what’s to come for Batman in the coming issues.

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Spoilers follow. If you don’t like any type of spoilers, do not click next.

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13 thoughts on “Spoilers: Batman #92 – Last Page of Batman’s New Nightmare?”

  1. Either way I got my BM 38s up on eBay ready to go. Lots of watchers but no takers yet…

    Also have a copy signed by Mr. Tom King, which Anthony was kind enough to sell to me here on CHU a few years back! 🙂

        1. My comment was a reply to D-Rog and the whole stupid Batman 38 speculation that Krap Collector started

          1. For the record I did not mention punchline or designer in my listings, knowing the speculation is unfounded (gotta take KCC with a gain of salt)

            I just posted a few just in case someone was buying, but careful not to link the two.

            It would be odd for Tynion to use/expand upon a character king created so soon in his run…Even though he debunked only punchline, I doubt the designer is related either.

        2. Wait. do people actually think Batman 38’s Mathew is The Designer now??? ……..smh
          Which his he..Punchline or The Designer ?? This Mathew kid gets thrown around alot……

          1. He’s actually the chameleon from Marvel. With rumors Marvel is going to take over DC they just wanted to send out “feelers” and see if it all clicks.

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