Winner Announcement for the BANG! BANG! CHU Giveaway

Announcing the winners of the BANG! #1 Ashcan and Regular cover giveaway.

Well, first prize is the BANG! #1 Ashcan.
The second prize is a copy of BANG! #1 Regular Cover.

Scroll down to see if you won…

And the winners are:

First Prize (Ashcan) goes to Chilton Wise

Second Prize (Regular Cover) goes to Wilbert35

Congrats to the winners. I’ll be sending out emails as well as I know not everyone has the time to check CHU periodically.

7 thoughts on “Winner Announcement for the BANG! BANG! CHU Giveaway”

  1. For whatever strange reason I got the ashcan free at a comic store this weekend. Is it really worth anything? It’s just a little preview.

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