Poyo’s Spec and Drek for March 11th, 2020

Welcome to my own weekly spec which includes the weekly drek picks. I pick what I think will be winners, not only if you make money by flipping but winners as in either a great read or just awesome art.

Then there’s the pesky drek, the comic you should avoid altogether or not fall into the buying every variant trap.

DC Picks

Batman #89 2nd Printing. Limited to 1 per at a lot of online shops and it’s still sold out most everywhere. All those people who missed out are snatching up the 2nd printing.

The same goes for Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 2nd Printing.

Marvel Picks

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 is my primary Marvel pick this week. Great read. Awesome Boba Fett covers. Can’t go wrong with this one, pick it up to read or admire the Kaare Andrews cover.

The other pick goes to Thor #4, which if you haven’t been reading is just some good reads. Also, is there someone new that’s worthy in this issue?

Also, I must throw out an honorable mention pick. I don’t think it’s going to heat up as I think most are all Dylan’d out but Venom #24 we learn something new about Dylan in this issue. Plus I just really dig the cover A.


Indie and Small Publisher Picks

It’s a really small week for the smaller guys but here’s a few I’m picking up myself.

Decorum #1. Just can’t skip out on a Jonathan Hickman new title. We had an extended preview of this one as well.

The next one is Sweet Heart #1 from Action Lab Danger Zone.

Now on with the dreaded “drek” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work. The book to avoid or not fall victim to in buying at ratio inflated prices.

Stealth #1. I really thought about this drek pick and this book I just can’t recommend it. It’s not even a good read. Maybe the movie ends up being better but there’s a slight chance that will ever happen. The only reason this is getting printed is Kirkman and Silvestri’s names are on it.

15 thoughts on “Poyo’s Spec and Drek for March 11th, 2020”

  1. Seems like very issue of Venom we learn “something new” about Dylan….but in the same nothing much…

    Love the ASM 258 homage cover though….so glad it wasn’t an incentive as I would have had to pay asking price to have it…

    And I believe those second prints of BM89 and HA3 double as toilet paper if your in a Coronavirus jam…(when has a recolorred reprint of a DC comic ever don anything spec wise…? Just sayin’)

    1. I like this “something new” as it’s something I predicted a long time ago.. just kind of confirms what I predicted. 🙂

      Umm.. and BM89 2nd printing is currently an easy $10 book. Sets of both it and HA3 2nd prints are selling in the $20-$29 range..

      But I didn’t pick them necessarily to spec on, I think a lot are picking them up cause they missed out on the first prints.

      1. Currently selling for $10 shipped. Presales. Not much profit to be made there.

        And my statement was more about after presals.

        And I did think Of a DC reprint book…TT12 is probably the only DC “recolored background” reprint that has any value over cover. Sales Hover around $10-$15 plus shipping.

              1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to then. Batman 89 sloppy seconds on eBay are going for $9.99 shipped. If anyone thinks that’s making them
                Money when they pay $3.99 they’re wrong. $4+$2 in fees plus $4 or more to ship..at best you’re breaking even…

                1. Thats retailers more than likely that got them at wholesale… Im just saying in general… I buy a book for $3-$4 and sell for $10 + shipping buys me a few more books… Do it several times, profit goes up.

                2. cheapest atm is $7.50 including shipping. Nobody is making money off that. Even if the retailer got them at whole sale price, they’re making no more than pennies

                3. A lot has changed in the last couple of days. Do remember, I usually write up my spec and drek and schedule it in advance a few days prior. Usually closer to release day the sales start to dip once buyers secure their copies, etc. But it doesn’t change the fact that 3 sets of BM89 and HA3 2nd prints sold for $28.99 each + $4.99 shipping from one seller (most recent sold March 8th).. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Batman-89-Year-Of-The-Villain-Hell-Arisen-3-Second-Printing-Variant-Set-NM/193361390388?hash=item2d053cab34:g:HfIAAOSwJD9eWDA7

  2. the drek is any comic that comes out at 7.99 or more. unless consumers avoid these books and send a message, that will become the norm.

    1. Heh.. true but then again, I don’t mind them since you can wait for the 75% off sales at TFAW or Midtown and get them at bargain prices. One day, the young grasshoppers will not let FOMO kick in and learn to be more patient.. 🙂

      1. I do that for all of these 80 year money grabs. A flood of Action and Detective 1000 covers could be had for 90% off ($1) at TFAW and Midtown at one point…

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