Black Widow Final Trailer Shows New Footage

The final trailer for Black Widow has dropped and shows off some impressive fight footage. Check it out below:

Also, see how many Avengers skill sets you can name being recreated by Taskmaster.

10 thoughts on “Black Widow Final Trailer Shows New Footage”

      1. Good point. I think a lot are assuming she is definitely in the movie and buying up copies. I know it was Sony, but remember the far from home trailer and Hydroman?

  1. Looks good. I counted 3 Taskmaster fighting styles. Cap, BP and Hawkeye. The last scene with TM free falling looks familiar, but can’t put my finger on it. Was he emulating BW there?

  2. Taskmaster look kind of short and padded out- I really feel it’s a twist and he turns out to be Rachel Weisz, or Yelena (if that’s even who she is).

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