7 thoughts on “Quick Spoilers: Thor #4 Who is Worthy?”

  1. Not sure if those were adjacent panels….but if it was called away as he was holding it….wouldn’t he get carried away with it (or have his hand/arm ripped off?)

    And I’m not the biggest Thor buff, but if someone is worthy can they also call on the hammer? Or is there a worthiest (or most) worthy that’s the only one who commands it?

    1. Thor tends to be the worthiest. Others who are worthy can call it. Beta Ray Bill did so last issue but Thor called it from him. Panels are sequential but Loki lets it go as it is pulled. But yes, technically i don’t Thor flies but is pulled by the hammer.

  2. Should we be picking up a few extras of this issue and the ratio or wait until 5? I live in the sticks and no shops near me. So online is only option.

    Thanks for all

    1. I don’t think anyone should answer that question for you. It’s your call. But others may share what their approach they are taking.

      Me, I’m going with one copy of cover A for the read. I’ll check eBay and Anthony’s pregame report before deciding whether I should grab an extra.

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