Variant Picks of the Week for March 11th, 2020

Greg Capullo can keep pumping out covers if they’re gonna look like this Hidden Gems Cable #1. Definitely brings back the 90s nostalgia for me and they’re far superior than Rob Liefeld. Don’t overpay though, most shops will list this one around the $100 range more than likely to kick it off.

I really dig Zaffino’s cover art so this new 1:25 variant for Avengers of Wasteland #3 got my attention. Maybe ever since Thor became a bad ass in Thor: Ragnorak with his extra lightening coming out of his eyes and hammer has got me loving more artwork when here’s lightning involved.

Jay Anacleto is knocking out some awesome looking covers. I’m really digging this Dollhouse Family #5 B Variant he’s done.

I pre-ordered this next one the minute I saw it. Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 Kaare Andrews variant is just awesome and a must have.

It’s also the regular cover but as a virgin variant. That’s Marvel Tales Silver Surfer #1 by Inhyuk Lee. Going to be a ghost variant as most retailers don’t go heavy on these $7.99 books. None sold or listed from a quick lookup on eBay at time of writing.

Not sure why but I just love this variant of Thor punching Galactus. This is a Stegman 1:25 for Thor #4.

11 thoughts on “Variant Picks of the Week for March 11th, 2020”

  1. I guess that store exclusives are out-of-bounds, but I’d hate to see those Jeehyung Lee Gwen Stacy #2 variants miss an invite to the party.

    1. Yeah, I stick to the main variants from the publishers. Trying to keep track of every store variant would be a full time job and I hate to break it to everyone, Anthony doesn’t pay very well.. He keeps giving me 3% raises but $0.00 x 3% still equals zero $$.. 😉

    2. Is that Gwen Stacy #2 Lee variant reused artwork from the Ghost Spider ratio variant from 2018? It looks like it, except with the mask over her face.

      1. She had on headphones, on the previous ratio variant, if I remember correctly… I think it was raining, too. They are very similar. I have been searching for a print run on the “Unmasked” variant, with no luck. The masked variant is around 1-3000 with 600 virgin variants, I think. I, also, wonder if there’s some stuff going down in this book.
        Next week gets similar similarities with Ghost-Spider #8 and Peach Momoko. This one’s the return of Gwenom, from what I understand.

        1. Oh yeah, thats right, she had the headphones too. That book is a modern beast.

          Is the Ghost Spider a 1:100, or 1:50 (or more)? The only way to guess-timate ratio variant print runs is to look up the print run of said book on Comichron, then divide that number by the ratio of the variant.

          All variants, including all ratios, for any given book are lumped in together for the purposes of Chomichrons numbers. Thats the best formula that we can use to guess the print run. I would say that it is more accurate of a formula for 1:10s and 1:25s. The higher the ratio, the better chance that the actual number is much lower than the number spit out by the simple formula mentioned above. Its not a hard number by any stretch, but it gives a decent guideline to go by.

          1. The OG variant was a 1:100, this week’s book is a store exclusive. About a month ago, I saw a set of masked variants, with the trademarked version at 1-3000 and the virgin at 600, if I am not mistaken. Then, this past weekend, I saw an “Unmasked” version of the same book: Gwen Stacy #2. There may be nothing to it. I just know that Ghost-Spider 1:100 commands the lofty fees.

            BTW, I just saw 2 listings for Marvel Tales Silver Surfer; one at $150, and the other at $300. I am prolly gonna kick myself for not going out on that limb… but I’m not going out on that limb…

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