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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 279th edition of the open forum!

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As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

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  1. Corona is something else, huh? March Madness is just about upon us and will be Impacted…my state has only 2 confirmed cases but my local town is beginning to mandate certain group events be postponed until mid April…

    I have a 32 oz bottle of pump hand sanitizer I’ve had on my work desk…had it for everyone to use for well over a year….in 20+ years I’ve never felt I had to hide my phone, wallet or cash when I left my desk,,,,but I’ve gotten into the habbit of locking up my bottle of sanitizer every night!

    Stocked up on some food essentials, but otherwise just practicing good hygiene! We’ll see where this all goes…scary for elderly, though.

  2. funny how a wolverine #1 and a marvel super heroes secret wars #8 goes for roughly $270 for a 9.8.
    while an amazing Spiderman 210 madame web goes for $625 for a 9.8. but I don’t care cuz I have all 3. supply and demand I guess.

    1. Why do they have to have the different background art? That so turns me off. They had a sale from me if they kept it to one cover, instead of THREE with the same art. I’ll look elsewhere now, or wait until these are 75% off…

      They’re not even discounted and they’re pre-orders…

      And for those reasons…I’m out!

  3. I took a short leave of absence but am back.

    I missed out on having a table this past local comic swap which gave me an opportunity to be on the other side and look for some books. I picked up a run of Hellblazer Vol. 1 issues 2-25 for about $1 each. Someone I know picked up a raw ASM 50 (missing one page) out of a $1 bin. A seller had one of my personal grails: a slabbed Bone 1 (CGC 5.0) for $750. It was too low of a grade for me (I prefer 6.5+ for hard to find books), but when I went back, I noticed it had sold. Amazing what you can find in small local swaps.

    I picked up a Poison Elves #1 Vol. 3 Terry Moore variant that he recently made available on his website and they sold out immediately. It was a ghost when it came out. I had never seen one available before. Sometimes it is good to follow writers/artists you like on social media.

    I was in a bidding war for a lot of I, Luciphur on eBay, but the winning bid was double my highest bid.

    I’ve been spending time loading my personal books into CLZ. I’m still not done, but I am currently at 374 series/1704 comics. If anyone here uses CLZ to keep track, I’d be interested in seeing other’s numbers.

      1. I use league of comic geeks.

        I’m up to 4,224. I estimate my collection is around 5,000 total.

        I lost track of what I had and had not input from my collection prior to using the app so I just said I’d input everything moving forward.

        1. I used to keep a spread sheet. After I had several computers die and had to rebuild, I moved to comic book realm a bunch of years ago.

    1. I recently thinned out my PC by close to half.
      I don’t keep my spec books in CLZ either. My spec collection is about 1.5x my current PC.

  4. Buy everclear get drunk with it and make hand sanitizer with it. Real hard for Covid 19 to infect someone with everclear in their bloodstream.

  5. All news stations lie and tell the story ‘they’ want you to think. Don’t be fooled into thinking one side is the only guilty party.

    1. I did not mentioned sides, Jim. There should not be ‘sides’ in media coverage. Despite the other networks pitfalls, and there are many, Fox is the only one who is clearly, and shamelessly guilty of state influenced pure, unadulterated propaganda. Networks outside of the borders of the US are a much more reliable traditional news sources, but one must always check their sources.

  6. Today I came across a weird ass Spider-Man collection that came into one of my LCS’. It had Euro and Mexican editions of some old ASM books, magazines and all this odd collectible stuff. I snagged a few gems.

    This was $4. Todd McFarlane Marvel Poster Book, intact. The cover is bit messy due to it being larger than some of the foldout posters contained inside, but it’s in good shape otherwise.

    This was $6. Another Toddfather collectible. An ASM McFarlane Pin Set from ’92, factory sealed still. The sticker on the front was put there by the stupid shop keep that sold it to me. I’ll get it off somehow. Me likey.

    And this was $20. A weird envelope with McFarlane Marvel ‘Keepsakes’. #1904 of 5000. Still sealed. I think it has uncut sheets of Marvel cards from that era, featuring McFarlane artwork.

  7. Nightwing 70 already sold out at midtown. Didn’t see that one coming. Already a second printing up for presales.

    Cover Bs are still available at cover on eBay, but cover A lowest BINs are at $30, win one sale.

    Still bid? Other than the description referencing punchline, who we know will be in issue 72, why are people going Gaga over this book? Joker (always bet on) cover A is pretty creepy though…will BOTLO for sure…

  8. Seriously everyone chill with the politics. Not everyone agrees. We get that. Some are more invested in their side then others. I get that. But be respectful and how about just talking about comics? Take the politics to your favorite cable news channel message board

  9. You guys should try to get a copy of Nightwing #70 A & B cover, comic has been blowing up on ebay

      1. I don’t get it, but after reading the solit to issue 73 I’m in for this book for the read for Joker Wars.

        Added to my pull.

  10. From a strictly health perspective and politics aside, COVID-19 is extremely worrisome as more and more social gathering spaces get emptied or outright shut-down. One comic store I frequent does a lot with, “MAGIC,” the card game and tournaments bring in funds for the store. Even a group of 20 people playing MAGIC in close proximity has folk worried now, what with COVID-19 cases confirmed in Saint Louis. I imagine people are nervous to even go to their comic store if it is slightly busy. I could see a severe economic impact as a comic store is a social gathering place for many people, and we as a society are shutting-down all social stuff in the hope of slowing the spread. I am seriously concerned how this will affect businesses.

    1. They are canceling Comic cons and Retailer summits left and right. i can only imagine what its doing to major retail shops. Latest ones are Diamonds Retailer summit and then Polycon in Florida. I know a few exhibitors who feel Megacon will get canceled as well. Time will tell.

  11. Any validity to screenrant report that “clownhunter” makes intro in Batman 96? A new character is coming to the pages of Batman in the ‘Joker War.’ On Tuesday, writer James Tynion IV revealed that Clownhunter will make his first appearance in Batman #96. While additional details surrounding the new character are scarce at the moment, the codename alone is very interesting.

        1. That’s where I get all my books. I never seem to have a problem. Call them right now, open up a sub for the series. Ta da

  12. We were serious about no more political talk.. I just trashed a comment. Maybe the warning was overlooked or missed. We will shut it down. Talk comics, leave politics for the other cesspool websites out there…

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