Variant Picks of the Week for March 18th, 2020

Predator Hunters III #2 Cover B Variant Jonathan Wayshak Glow-In-The-Dark Ink Cover. They had me at “glow in the dark” with this one.

Not sure why they call this one a horror homage variant. The Vietnam War had a lot of horror in it but I’d still classify this one they’re paying tribute to as a War Drama instead of horror movie. Still a great movie and that’s why it’s on this list cause who doesn’t love Full Metal Jacket?

This one is for DCeased Unkillables #2 by Ben Oliver.

Bitter Root #7 has a great looking incentive cover. Good luck finding a copy though, doubt most retailers qualify for this one. Only listings right now is one at $90 BIN or Best Offer and a CGC 9.8 pre-sale for $150. The only sold listing so far was for $20. Midtown sold out but listed theirs for $25, which is a way more than their usual 1:10 ratio variant starting prices.

I already mentioned the Momoko variant in my Spec and Drek yesterday but this Kaare Andrews Spider-Woman #1 ratio variant is pretty sweet, I just wish it had some added details to the red background. Perhaps if they took the white webbing from the Web Variant to add to this one, would make it even better.

That’s all I got this week. It’s a smaller week for Variants.

4 thoughts on “Variant Picks of the Week for March 18th, 2020”

  1. I hope in Spiderwoman this time she teams up with Moon Knight and is reunited with Zthe Shroud and he’s revealed as Gerrys father and other characters should show up like Black Crow and The Judge.

  2. bitter route is killing it with the homage covers. the comic tom 101 myster box Spiderwoman cover is also #awesomesauce .asis the peach cover love ya all blind adam out

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