Pre-Game Report for 3/18/20

Books hit the shelves Wednesday mornings, but sales go on before that. Here is what our picks are doing on eBay going into Wednesday morning.

Regular Covers
Screaming Horror #1 – Not to be confused with the previously released “Tales of Screaming Horror #1 (as they have almost exactly the same cover). This one has had a couple of sales at $7.

Batman #91 – Following up on all the Designer and Punchline madness, Batman is still holding some heat. Both covers have his as high as $12 with sets selling at $19, on a single sale so far.

Nightwing #70 – a prelude to the Joker War storyline coming up. This one has had nice pre-release sales, books have closed as high as $25 in recent days, but more averaging around $15 currently.

Year Of the Villain Hell Arisen #4 – Kind of a surprise because not sure if there is a Punchline appearance in the book. Recent sales at a nice $20-$23 range.

Spider-Woman #1 Secret Variant – two days ago, the first to market closed at $35. Now seeing prices at $10 and up.

As always, let us know if you see something moving that needs to be added to the list.

8 thoughts on “Pre-Game Report for 3/18/20”

  1. I watched one of those Spider-woman sell at a facebook live auction for $65 ($100 CAD) and many people are saying that they cannot get them. Numbers are all over the place, some stores received none, some 1 and others received 3 copies. In any case there were far more people looking for this one than any other variant cover for Spider-woman. This will be on the Top ten list at the end of the week and I expect this thing to jump in price as well, not to $65 but i think it will see a $30-40 tag by the end of the week–but who knows lol.

    1. I went to 3 stores today…none of them got even 1 copy. I think this book is gonna be scarce. Only 12 on eBay right now.

  2. We ordered a couple hundred copies. Think we got a dozen of the secret variants. But I’ll double check. During the original unpack I think we had 15 different covers and at a point the staff just gives up and leaves me all the “non-regular” to process myself.

    1. Comic Kingdom of Canada actually did an exclusive cover for Spider-woman #1 and only received 1 copy. They had over 500 reg copies (they had the artgerm virgin for sale as well). They thought it was a one per store because they only received 1 copy—-this might get crazy–you never know

  3. I hit 4 stores yesterday and surprisingly found one secret variant Spider-Woman (at cover price!) on the rack at my backup LCS. I was thrilled. My main LCS got a few of them (marked up to $10 each) but they were spoken for before I got my request in. I also found the Momoko variant for $11 at a shop I visit infrequently. My main LCS was charging $25 for that one.

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