Wednesday Open Forum


Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 279th edition of the open forum!

How are you guys doing during the shut downs? Are you out of work? Please no politics on this one, just want to know how everyone is doing.

Did you know we have the forum up and running, you can check it out at the official CHU Forum site, go over and sign up.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?

38 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Forum”

  1. Yeah he is on the cover of A and C. Saw someone ask about why Aquaman #58 was sold out on forums. Aquagirl/Baby first appeared in #57. #58 is first cover.

    #57 sold out most places.

  2. Ordered a couple of copies of the Venom 25 Greg Horn variant that features Virus. Should be 1st cover appearance and it’s a cool war machine homage. The remarked was awesome but too pricy for me.

    Anything worth picking up tomorrow?

    1. Yeah I like the Horn cover. I think depending on how FCBD Venom issue and #26 pane out will depend on what’s most sought after. I think if we get a first full in #26 then cover A will b the one. But if the FCBD Spider-Man Venom is a first full, then I think this cover has lots of potential.

      1. I think FCBD is getting pushed back, but I don’t know if that will affect when the books are printed. If they’re printed and shipped according to the original schedule, then I’m sure copies will pop up on eBay. I think this variant would still predate FCBD though, so the order of appearance would be 25Horn, FCBD, 26A if FCBD doesn’t get pushed, or 25H, 26A, FCBD if it does. I hope 25 has a cameo.

  3. Is there some kind of first appearance in Star Wars #4? I’m usually able to get a copy of this title without fail, but will not be getting this issue because they ran out (which is becoming a weekly problem with my LCS, but that’s another story).

    1. Get that Previews Catalogue to avoid the stress of missing out on books, imho. The LCS folks will appreciate you for it, usually.

  4. Anyone else think Bloodshot was better than they thought it would be? I was very entertained and actually liked the plot structure. It’s too bad the current environment ensures failure and there probably won’t be a Valiant movie universe… It could be pretty cool

    1. Haven’t ventured out to see it. Will watch it first chance I get though. I know Universal is rushing many of their new releases to digital as quickly as possible right now, hope more movie studios do the same. Would be cool to finally have new release movies on demand in the home. My living room tv is bigger than the screen in some theaters.

        1. 75 inch. Lol. We have theaters that are so crammed together that some of them have small screens. I was exaggerating a bit but still 75 is a nice sized tv.

  5. Indies are awesome, this week. Red Mother, Black Stars Above, Something Is Killing…, and X-Ray Robot are on my radar, for sure. It seems like an unusually light week of Marvel books, for myself; Captain Marvel and Ghost Spider. I pre-ordered one of the Peach Momoko Gwenom variants, if I remember correctly… I’m hoping to grab some sets of Nightwing #70, DC’s YOTV #4, and Batman #91. AC Comics seem like a cool investment, imho, and so I am pulling a couple of those books, as well, especially since they came down off of the $10 cover prices.
    But indy comics, during this week of pandemic craziness, are crushing. Bang #2, Bitter Root #7, a new series of Blood Realm, and that’s all before the overloaded AWA releases. One book, per week, would have made things so much easier, upon their initial release, and unless they stagger their titles, so that they aren’t all coming out on the same day every month (or however frequently they are released), it’s going to be really tough to be able grab all of their line-up that interests me.
    Good problems to have, I suppose, all things considered.
    Stay healthy, out there, y’all.

  6. this pamdemic is driving me insane .lock down sucks. haven’t picked up books yet and theaters are shut down even the pizza place is closing early might during this time do two hidden gmes a week just to stay sane love all you blind adam out

  7. Turns out we got 15 of the Spider-Woman secret variant. If this is my last week selling comic books because the world is coming to an end, at least I will go out with a bang.

  8. Bleeding Cool is reporting (ha) that two crap 30 year old issues of Spectacular Spider-Man, 176 and 177, are now “spec worthy” due to featuring a character called Corona who spreads a mysterious virus through the city.

    They have GOT to be kidding. Like literally. There’s poor taste, and then there’s, no, there’s literally zero point in speccing on this crap.

    1. the promotion itself is in poor taste.
      i admit that i am now interested in those issues though. i cant help being intrigued by a comic with a strange/ironic/morbid connection to actual events and wanting the issue for the PC.
      but probably better to wait on this one so as not to encourage the speccing.

      1. The thing is though that there’s point in speccing these, so there’s no reason for it to go up. The character clearly will never be in another media or the events referenced in another comic now; it’s dead spec. The Superman twin towers issue was a little hot due to being recalled, but even that is dollar bin fodder now.

        1. Meh, I stopped going to FCBD in the past few years anyways. When the kids lost interest, I lost interest. For someone who hit up the shops every week, the shops weren’t getting anything extra from me anyways..

          1. They should just start selling them; it becomes a pain in the ass to get ahold of the titles, which you have to pay for anyway if you can’t make it to the store or the retailers are cheapskates. DCBS stiffed me (I heard they offer all the titles) so I have to get them some other way.

            1. I wouldn’t buy them, be like every other comic then but with extra ads, less pages.. no thanks.

              I get the idea behind it, get more foot traffic into your shop but as it might boost your sales one one day of the year, does it gain you any repeat customers? Maybe a few, far and scattered.. it’d be certainly interesting to see if someone could do a study if it’s actually effective or not.

  9. Nightwing 70 and Batman 91 soldout at stores. But Year of villain hell arisen 4 is widely available. I like surprise hot comics because they tend to be more available at stores.

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