Batman #89 and YOTV Hell Arisen #3 – Back In Stock Alert

While doing a write-up for February 2020 in Review (yes, it’s coming later today or tomorrow), I stumbled upon some Batman #89 and Hell Arisen #3 that are back in stock.

Where did these show back up suddenly, limited to 1 per customer and still fairly cheaper than eBay prices? None other than Midtown Comics.

Batman #89 back in stock at Midtown for $24.00 after 20% discount (they also have the Card Stock Variant B available for the same price).

And they got Year Of The Villain: Hell Arisen #3 back in stock as well, for $24.00 after 20% discount. Along with the variant B card stock.

These are still $40 books on a good day on eBay. So if you missed out, don’t mind spending a bit more for first prints, here’s your chance.

All limited to 1 per customer. Makes one wonder, how many did they hold back to sell now at the inflated prices a month later?

19 thoughts on “Batman #89 and YOTV Hell Arisen #3 – Back In Stock Alert”

  1. They are a POS company. They cancelled my order citing not having enough copies, and never bothered to contact me saying they could now fulfill my cover price order. They are scum and their in store service is terrible too. They all have the worst attitude. Avoid them whenever you can. And you know these are the copies they have left over after they pulled the NM ones. They should list them as VF.

      1. I actually ordered my copy of BM89 the day they listed them (a week prior) and my order went through (I think it was round 10-15 minutes after my order was confirmed they showed out of stock). I didn’t order HA3 from them myself.

        1. Why, oh why, did DC have to make it issue 89? It makes it impossible to do an ebay search for Batman 89…

  2. I’m sure they are selling the replacements they received for the large number of damages they likely claimed.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. Missed them the first time and with all the shows off the table for some time this was nice timing.

    1. It’s like.. crappy and awesome at the same time right? Crappy they likely kept a stack to sell at inflated prices while also saving some who missed out convention prices or eBay current prices. πŸ˜‰

  4. You can only get Hell Arisen #3 if you add to their pull list….yeah right! I don’t buy from midtown all that often, this just makes me want to avoid them even more.

  5. I have 2 pulls for Batman at Midtown. They have sent emails at release of #89 – #91 telling me they were allocated and I would only receive one copy. The reason for having 2 pulls is to guarantee that I get 2 copies. They used to send 2 prior to #89 and I’m sure they will again when the title cools off. This is a direct slap in the face. I have had pulls with them for almost ten years. I think it’s time to check out another online shop to spend my money.

    1. Call them in that. That is total BS if you set that up prior to FOC. Pulls are pre-orders.

      I have pulls at different shops to prevent this from happening, and to add hot books to my pull before they hit the shelves at different shops if they have shelf copies.

      I got hosed on Nightwing 70 by one shop, But another came through for me as an example.

    1. In our current situation, a lot of people who spent a lot of money each month on comics are gonna focus on things that actually matter to living. So yeah, expect drops in prices on a lot of things is my guess.

  6. That’s a dirty move midtown. Plain and simple.

    You honor your clients pull lists at the very least.

    You guys are a big frickin store with thousands of clients.

    If you did have extras and kept them for later sales, fine, still dirty but fine but when you screw your loyal pull list clients, that’s inexcusable.

    If you did get or find extra copies then honor the clients you screwed over with your bullcrap stories of allocations.

    It’s a major slap in the face like a poster above said, when you are told they are short or sold out and then a month later low and behold copies are available for 9x cover.

    And the fact they are most probably damaged stock listed at NM is even dirtier.

    1. I am not surprised by this. Midtown has done this before. I don’t think people have been paying attention. I can remember a couple of years ago when they started to react to ‘spec’. In the past the most they might do is limit the book to one per customer but I never saw them change the price after Wednesday. They would just allow the book to sell out. They are in robust market where they sell a lot of comics in NYC. They have a lot of customers with a lot of expendable income. There is a lot of old money and new money in NYC. Midtown generates an estimated 4 million dollars a years I believe in revenue. Most shop owners wish they could generate a fraction of that. Midtown expanded quickly and they were ahead of the game with online ordering. They have Batman 89 2nd print at 10 bucks. Hell Arisen 2nd print is 8 dollars. There is a third and probably fourth printing on the way. They can afford to relax and let those books go for cover.

      I been a customer for over 10 years because the shops in the city I live in suck. I am either dealing with a bitter store owner who has been in the business too long or a new owner (there are a lot of guys in this now purely for profit. Comics have become the new hustle for a lot of people i.e. key collector app, ‘I feel like Peter’ boxes etc. ) who hides books when they are “hot” and sells them on Ebay above cover.

      Midtown is not concerned about pissing off customers. They clearly do whatever they want. Considering what I have to deal with in my town, I will stick with them. I think at least 2 stores in my town will go under by the end of year. One owner is bitter and tired and the other one doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. I saw one tank last year. It was owned by this kid and his girlfriend. They both had no clue what they were doing. They sold books way above cover and had were overpriced on everything. Would you pay 15.99 for a damaged POP? Or 100 dollars for a non grade copy of Rom 1?

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