Midtown Comics Closes All Stores, Still Accepting Online Orders

It’s a sign of the times, especially with how hard hit New York has been with the Coronavirus outbreak. But they are following orders and shutting down their retail stores to the public.

See below for the press release. Midtown will still be accepting online orders for new comics (for the time being, as it states).

10 thoughts on “Midtown Comics Closes All Stores, Still Accepting Online Orders”

  1. They had a 60% off online back issue sale that was supposed to run through 3/24….I had about 10 books in my cart….today they were removed and back to 20% off…

    I guess they cancelled it.

  2. Closed my store here in CA until who knows when. Thankfully I also have a “real” job to support myself. Gonna suck bigtime for the stores barely scrapping by.

    1. Why aren’t those who work retail jobs “real”? These jobs are real. Odd that a comic shop owner just said comic shop owners or retailers aren’t “real” jobs. Can you explain yourself good sir? Weren’t you also the one telling flippers to “suck it” a few weeks back? It’s not a real job eh.. why do you care so much? I sense some fallacies now with your past argument with your present statement.

        1. Well, we can only hope. I can’t speak for all small business who rely on physical foot traffic. I can only hope most try their best to take care of their employees. I know Midtown is bigger than most individual shops. I’d hope they got a nice rainy day stash in these scenarios to keep their people around.

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