More Batman #93 Spoilers – Harley vs Punchline – Flushed Out Like Sewer Trash

So the spoiler pages showing Harley vs Punchline in Batman #93 first had no dialogue until CHU got their hands on the pages with dialogue, which we’ve shown already. Here’s the few panes that follow the released colored pages..  If you haven’t seen the previous spoiler pages, you probably want to see them before these, to get a better idea how it led to this.

Continue to see the unseen spoilers now..

Spoilers follow. If you don’t like spoilers, why’d you click this far? Perhaps check out the CHU forums for some comic discussions..

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16 thoughts on “More Batman #93 Spoilers – Harley vs Punchline – Flushed Out Like Sewer Trash”

        1. So if she’s working for the Designer, Joker shouldn’t be safe either? I’m confused, although I’ll admit that I’ve only been following the storyline from Batman 89 through CHU spoilers lol.

        2. I’m wondering, is the Joker working with Punchline here or she’s going solo following his orders? Maybe he’s dealing with Penguin and Riddler?

  1. Classic rookie mistake…not finishing the job then leaving the dying unattended…

    Ripe for a rescue….(sigh)….

    Killer Croc still hangin around the sewers?

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