Batman #93 – Harley vs Punchline 3 Page Spoiler w/Dialogue Bubbles

So the pages for Batman #93 hit online but they lack any dialogue or bubbles with text. But CHU got their hands on the pages with dialogue, so you got a better idea of what’s going on story wise, besides the obvious fight.

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Spoilers follow. If you don’t like spoilers, why’d you click this far? Perhaps check out the CHU forums for some comic discussions..

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12 thoughts on “Batman #93 – Harley vs Punchline 3 Page Spoiler w/Dialogue Bubbles”

  1. Stop teasing us…if you’ve seen the rest of the issue, what happens to Harley? I can’t imagine DC would kill her off. Would they?

  2. Harley is assuming a lot of stuff here. She knows nothing about Punchline. Harley wanted to fix Joker but Punchline doesn’t.

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