Sony Releases First Nine Minutes of Bloodshot

Sony Pictures has done something interesting. They are sending Bloodshot to home video (VOD) early because of the shut downs caused by the coronavirus. Now they have released the first nine minutes of the movie to watch. Check it out below:

12 thoughts on “Sony Releases First Nine Minutes of Bloodshot”

      1. I think I’m still gonna wait until it’s on Netflix, etc. I’m not a Vin Diesel fan. But I’m thinking about renting 1917 cause I meant to see that one in the theater but never went.

  1. Its available for download on torrents… Too bad I know Diesel worked on this as his baby… Atleast itll keep people in doors for a few hours… Gonna check it out myself tonight

  2. Well, that 9 minutes was quite exciting. That was packed with some great action scenes. Way different feel than their advertising preview. Hopefully, action would be the same throughout the movie. I’m in!!! It was a lot of @$$ kicking. Go Vin!!!!!

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