Variant Picks of the Week for March 25th, 2020

It’s a bigger week for variants. Not necessarily a  bad thing either if you ask me.

Wolverine #2 Finch Variant (because we need more Wolverine crouched in the rain. Yeah, you heard me D-Rog, more Crouching Wolvie, Falling Rain)…

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #2 Noto variant will be a nice addition to any Noto fans out there.

Immortal Hulk #33 Skroce Variant. Yeah yeah, this issue was part of my Drek but if you can find this Skroce at cover or cheap, it’s a nice pickup and addition to any collection cause Skroce’s art is just awesome.

I mentioned this one in my picks of the week. Cover priced variant for Black Panther #2 by Kaare Andrews is always a nice pickup.

Justice League Dark #21 brings forth a pretty cool looking Clayton Crain variant.

Where has Francavilla been? Seems like he hasn’t had many covers coming out as of lately. But this one is a must for any Francavilla fan for Transformers Vs Terminator #1 ratio variant.

I don’t normally pay over cover price for variants but this Judge Dredd False Witness #1 Jonboy Meyers was a impulse buy for me, pre-ordering it for about $12. I just couldn’t resist, it’s a must. Even if it heats up, I’m keeping it because it’s just awesome.

Jeff Dekal has a pretty cool X-O Manowar #1 variant out this week. It’s cover price too.

The one that might be hard to find but only attract Silver Surfer fans goes to Tarot #4 Mooney variant. It’s a ratio variant, 1:50 and I doubt most shops are ordering 50 copies of this issue to qualify. Most listed on eBay are for $100+

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