6 thoughts on “Spoilers: Immortal Hulk #33 – Over the Top Oversized Issue”

      1. Sorry, I didn’t look that closely as I am viewing it on my phone and it’s hard to make everything out.

        1. I can’t remember if I included that panel or not. It basically happens after banner does it. Banner only does it as a plot device to set up Jones for being able to do it. As I was reading and saw Banner do it, I was “yeah, that’s sick” and then felt it was just a plot device to allow for Jones to burst out.

  1. Al Ewing should’ve never have killed off Sasquatch but hopefully he’ll be ressurected in a Alpha Flight monthly series or limited and Rick Jones should explore more of his psionic destiny force powers and the art work is not really winning brownie points with me either and they need to bring back the immortal intelligent Hulk with Bruces brain not this no brains in the head character.

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