Things to do During the Comic Shut Down: Reorganize Your Collection / Plus Key Issues

Anthony from Comics Heating Up has been busy during the lockdown, reorganizing his collection. Here is what he has been up to, plus shares some cool, key, and rare books.

Please note, this was filmed before the Diamond Shut down.

People ask about the drawer boxes that fit short boxes with lids, they can be found at Amazon. I also recently found a great deal on 2 mil. bags and boards, 1000 for $119.99 with free shipping. That is less than $.12 cents per bag and board set.


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  1. First off everyone should be doing some home workouts, ya know ,to stay healthy.
    Thats a good deal on the bags and boards for sure. Only 2 mil thickness tho….but god deal. Really liking these heavy duty long and short comic boxes by BCW the foldable flap lids sold me and theyr stackable and siiick. They come with plastic dividers :}

    1. Also, two mil bags are great for less expensive comics or for shipping. They don’t puff up as much as three mil bags and you can fit more in your boxes.

  2. I wouldnt even know where to start to order them alphabetical, character, publisher and most likely get 3% through it and quit.

    1. I recently reorganized my collection. Went alphabetically by publisher and each individual title by that publisher is alphabetized also. Finding anything is a breeze. Definitely took some time to do though. I have 10 short boxes so it’s not a massive collection either.

      1. And the book I would never get rid of would be my Journey Into Mystery 84. It’s a coverless copy, but it’s my grail right now.

        1. Oh wow, that’s a huge collection!! What would you say your grail or single book you’d never get rid of is Anthony?

          1. I have a lot I think i would never get rid of. A lot of books like that Comico Primer and the Grendel mini series were books I coveted as a kid and now own. My TMNT #1 is another. Truth be told though as I get older i may let them go and give the money to my kids.

            1. It gets easier the first time you let go of some of your grails. When my wife ended up accidentally pregnant and we had to buy a house I did quite a bit of liquidating, and it was honestly really therapeutic. Once you let go of your “never sell” books you learn the list of what you can’t live without is a lot smaller, and you appreciate them a lot more.

            1. Those are great books to have. I only started actively collecting maybe 5 years ago, but any characters that I loved as a kid, I have their first appearances now, with the exception of a Batman Beyond 1 from the 1999 mini series. That’s my next big one. The end goal is to have something to pass down to my kids also. Something I built. They can do with it what they please when the time comes. I understand where you’re coming from Anthony.

  3. 1st – nice set up, I’ve missed your spec videos. 2nd – my kids are driving me crazy, oldest boy basketball league cancelled with the championship game left. Youngest had 2 baseball practices (4 were rained out) then cancelled. It’s not that bad here in Houston. My plan is the organize my collection. The one book I won’t sell is Amazing Spider-Man 40 (1st series).

  4. I am also ordering boxes of stuff I’ve bought since 2015 that I haven’t dedicated the time to ordering but it is hard. I also have to scan a lot of my OA. I only use short boxes and have only 3 long boxes that break my back. I got some plastic boxes but they are too expensive. Decided I would just get those for slabs and leave the raws in cardboard ones.

  5. Thanks Anthony -That’s a goal of mine SS #1 and #3. A comic that I won’t sell and had signed by Stan in 2017 is Hulk 181 -that’s going to one of my boys. I bought that for 25 cents back in the day. Like your video’s – keep and stay safe.

  6. I won’t be selling any books especially my top 100 comics that’s on YouTube under the rush diehard screen name….9.2-9.8. silver and Bronze Age books huge keys. great stuff Anthony!!

    1. Thanks man. That’s just some of the fun stuff I came across. I have seen your top 100. I have a few of your top 100 myself. Just need to find where they are.

  7. Is that block “C” hat you`re wearing in respect to the Cleveland Indians missing their opening day? Represent!

  8. I really cant afford keys from the gold, silver or bronze age. Even modern age is proving to be tricky. If I’m lucky CHU gives me a heads up in picking up something early. I started collecting only a few years ago so it’s still a learning process. I know I have some good issues here and there, but just 5 of Anthony’s books that he showed up there can be worth all 400+ issues I own!

  9. I organize series by theme in a certain box, and by date, with a box for each year since I started collecting organized chronologically. It makes sense to me and I remember everything I bought in order. Then I have main Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman boxes, etc.

    About 70-80 short boxes i guess, nowhere near Anthony’s. I wonder how many comics total I have? Hard to guess since I can’t say how many issues a single short box holds, x 80.

  10. Love this video, Anthony, and really enjoyed your commentary on your special books. Would love to see more of these.
    Looking back over my collection I realize how blessed I am to have a 50+ year collection and all the keys that that has amassed. Was able to complete some grails (complete Silver Surfer collection and ever Doctor Strange from his series forward) and it’s always uplifting go just wander through the boxes. Only downside: over 100 long boxes which is challenging on the back. I’ve switched to short boxes as well.
    Thanks for a great video!

  11. Usually organize by publisher alphabetically (A-Z), and then by series titles alphabetically (A-Z). And then lastly, one box with more valuable ones alphabetically (A-Z) for when I need to pack and run during an apocalypse 😛

  12. Some of you Young Turks are wimps .. 😉 .. I’ve got about 200 long boxes in the shop and a 10’x18′ storage building full to the roof with the rest ..

    When the day comes that they peel me off the floor, my people will simply call an Auction House and cash in ..

    Even at my age, I can still tote a full long box with the best of ’em .. Lord, although I used to hate doing Cons and hauling them .. and that was when I was 25 years younger .. but, I could always find a nerd or 3 to lend a hand ..

  13. My personal grails are Crow#1, Mad #1, and 1st Grodd too. My most pricey books I own X-men #1, tales of suspense #39, FF #1, 5, 48, Batman #121, House of Secrets #92, Giant size X-men #1, Hulk #180, 181 and a ton others

    1. I bought Crow 1-4 off the stands when I was 15. Had it for years. Ended up selling them when the height of the Crow movie popularity was in full force. Ended up buying some key ASM books. I still have the ASM books and they have appreciated in value but wish I still had the Crow.

  14. At any given time, we have around 300 short boxes out on display in the shop. Usually around 15-20 silver age, around 30 bronze, around 60 from the 80s and the rest from 90s-up.

    But we typically have another 500 in storage that have already been processed. And 500-1000 boxes that haven’t. I’ve got collections I paid $500 for back in 2016 that I culled $1500 worth out, got our money back plus more for the tables, and still have a half dozen shorts to go through. There’s just never enough time. Yesterday I refound a short box with Surfer (87) 1-100 in it. All 9.4 or better. I remember we sold the 34 and 44 right when we got it in and I was supposed to get the rest rebagged and priced. But we bought 5 more collections that week and it never happened. Label on the box says 11-21-2017.

    Hopefully this 2-3 month shutdown means we can get caught up. Lots of those boxes don’t need much triage. And I’ll probably throw away 150 boxes worth. Just need to find motivation to spend 60-70 hours a week going through them instead of eating snacks on the couch all freaking day. 🙁

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