Lockdown Reading List for Thursday March 26th, 2020

So since Diamond isn’t shipping new books for the time being and most of us are stuck at home, I figured it’d be fun (and my own challenge) to start up a new article of what I’m reading each day (because my to-read list was getting way too long as it is) and everyone can jump in and share what they might be reading as well, during their own lockdown.

Can be recent book, random book, several books.. I’ll be picking at random from the ever growing Poyo Library. Maybe we can make these the daily open forums, not limited to what you’re reading but anything else in the comic book world of news, updates, thoughts, etc as well.

Tonight I’m going to read Coffinbound TPB Volume 1 from Image Comics. I got a digital review (since this was released yesterday) and this was a series I originally read the first issue, deciding to wait for the trade to read in one sitting.

This series saw some slight love when the first issue hit stands as well from what I recall but it was brief heat.

Here’s the sneak peek pages I released way back in the summer for a refresher for anyone interested in this title.

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7 thoughts on “Lockdown Reading List for Thursday March 26th, 2020”

  1. A couple years ago i rediscovered my comics after about 25 years of collecting. I remember stopping because there were just too many titles to afford as a teenager. When I rediscovered them, I was immediately reminded how much i dug the 90s Valiants as a teen. So i set out to complete my collection. I’d say I’ve got about 80% of them… Only about 2/3 of those are high grade as I’ve been collecting for reading purposes mostly.
    I finished with the pre-Unity reading and am greatly looking forward to finally reading the Unity crossover.
    As for current titles, I’ve been organizing ones I’ve bought in the last few months into more easily digestible subsets. I can grab all 6 X books and read issues 5 in one sitting… Things like that.

    1. I was also a fan of the 90s Valiant stuff. I remember enjoying then the art and writing so much more than Image, which appeared around the same time. I remember thinking that Valiant was the future of comics and that Image would fade away into irrelevance. Boy, I couldn’t have gotten that more wrong.

      1. I still think Valiant puts out a better quality product over Image though in terms of story and art (for the most part). Image had some big names and they certainly had some hits keep them relevant over the years but they certainly choose quantity over quality. The ratio is far and between with Image where as Valiant keeps their stuff limited, focusing on the story and art over pumping out a bunch of books in hopes one takes off.

  2. Been cataloging all my books into the CovrPrice website. done with my marvel and dc and at a little over 1600 books have a long box and two short boxes of image and some indies to go through. Catching up on some random newer titles and diving into all the newer x books. Pulled a few keys because I’m considering sending them out and getting them graded if CGC is open currently. Considering selling off a bunch of my rebirth stuff to thin out the collection. It’s actually been cool being able to go through everything without much else to do on my days off.

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