Lockdown Reading List for Saturday March 28th, 2020

It’s day 3 of the lock down reading challenge, to read books that have been on the ever growing read list.

Today I started reading The Eternals (going to read the first 5 issues) on Marvel Unlimited and attempt to finish out the first volume over the next week. I never read the original series and now that the movie is getting closer (hopefully there won’t be any delays).

This is also a series I’ve wanted to start collecting but totally missed out on after these started to heat up.

Let us know if you’ve read this series and what your thoughts are on it. You hope the movie sticks to the comics? What would you want to see updated or changed in the movie?

3 thoughts on “Lockdown Reading List for Saturday March 28th, 2020”

  1. I haven’t read it yet either but it’s on my Unlimited list. I bought issues 1-3 and a couple copies of Vol.2 issue 3 at the local Antique Mall for a few bucks each. The Vol.1 issues are pretty beat up (tape on the cover of issue 1, etc). I’m hoping that the movie kicks ass and the value of the early issues heats up so much that crappy copies like mine grow in value. Either way, I think I’m in it for less than $20 so I can’t really lose.

  2. I finally found the time to read Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 HC, and really enjoyed it. I will have to find more of these.

  3. You may recall DC’s newspaper anthology series “Wednesday Comics” . I took the collection out and am read 1 “newspaper” a day.

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