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It has been about a year since I have done one of these posts, featuring slabs going for crazy low prices. I always check for cheap slabs as people sometimes go through fire sales to get rid of books quickly, these are very strange times, so I figured I would do a report on what is out there.

Before we get to the super cheap ones, here is a Venom #2 1:25 9.8 Sam Keith variant for $37.49 that I am going to pick up if it is not gone by Wednesday.

First up, there are a few books that are actually showing up super cheap, 9.8’s for under $10 plus shipping of around $8. So out the door at under $18.

On the older, lower grade books, here is what I am seeing:

Chamber of Darkness #3 Cool 1970’s horror in 9.0 for $19.50

1946 Frisky Fables #6 in 3.0 Restored condition for $19.99

3.5 X-Men #26 Restored from 1966 for under $25.

For 9.8 moderns, some of the highlights include:
Artgern cover to Catwoman #13 CGC 9.8 for $25.

All Star Batman #1 9.8 for $19.99
and a Midtown Variant All Star Batman #1 9.8 for the same price.

Middleton Batgirl #25 9.8 for $19.99 each (but save a buck if you get two copies).

Razzah Variant to She Hulk #160 in 9.8 for less than $20

A ton of DC lenticular covers for less than $20

You can see the Full List of Under $20 CGC books here

and the full list of Under $25 CGC books here and a few CBCS Books less than $25 here.

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  1. In contrast to your post, I’ve noticed cheap raw copies of 2015’s 5th series of Howard the Duck #1 (the first appearance of Gwenpool) compared to the 9.8 slabs of the issue. You can pick up raw copies NM of the comic for around $15-$20 per issue; whereas, the 9.8 slabs FMV is around $80, with one of the most recent sales going for as much as $149.99 on eBay for Cover A.

    I feel Gwenpool is one of the biggest major characters Marvel has come out with during the mid 2010’s, that will generate a lot more revenue for it in the future, as well as Silk. But when you compare both characters’ first appearance books there is a big discrepancy in the raw copies compared to the similarly priced 9.8 slabs of the book.

    Looking at 2014’s 3rd series of Amazing Spider-man 4 (the first appearance of Silk), you can see how Howard the Duck #1 is miss-priced. Raw copies of ASM 4 go for around $50 each for a NM raw copy, and the 9.8 slabs FMV is around $100 with recent sales on ebay ranging from $75.01-$170.00 for Cover A. So, although ASM 4 is around a year older and it’s CGC 9.8 FMV of $100 is around $20 more than that of Howard the Duck #1 CGC 9.8 FMV, what explains the nearly $30 difference in the raw NM copies of the books? Was there a much larger print run of Howard the Duck #1? But if so, why are the graded copies of the comics so close in price compared to the raw copies?

    So, is Howard the Duck #1 one of the next comics to blow up? Because I seem to hear much more about Gwenpool than I do about Silk.

    1. It’s cuz she appeared on a cover previously to her first appearance in that book and people want the incentive variant of Howard the Duck not the regular cover. Silks incentive ratio variant is a low one 1:15 think the Howard The Duck #1 Gwen pool incentive was 1:50 so stores bought a lot of copies to get it.

      1. Really hard for a #1 issue huge print run, that had a ton of covers and incentive variants to blow up. Where as silk and miles didn’t first appear in a #1 so even with incentive variants they had much more mild print runs because they first appeared mid series.

        1. I love Gwendolyn so does Poyo and I have all her incentive covers from Deadpool secret wars #2 through Howard the Duck and her self title ski wish it would pop.

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