Picks of the Week: Cheap Reads and Recent Variants

Yesterday we spotlighted some cheap slabs on eBay. I know not everyone likes slabs, and with no new comics coming out, getting some good cheap reads might be a good idea. Check out some of the cool books found for less than cover.

Now to preface this, I am not associated in anyway with this seller. I do not know them, nor can I speak for their business. Just found a lot of cool book really cheap from them. (They have a 99.8% positive feedback.) The Seller does combine shipping.

I also have been and will continue to list good cheap comics (.99-$2.00 starts for all) Here



Amazing Mary Jane #1 NYCC PX Variant $1.97.

Thanos #1 C2E2 PX Variant .99 cents for ltd to 3,000 cover from 2019.

Star Wars Bounty Hunters #1 1:10 Photo Variant $3.49. Well less than ratio.

X-Men #1 Mark Brooks Party Variant .99 cents. Current Hickman series.

Cool reads:

Wolverine #1 $1.72 for the $7.99 cover price Alex Ross cover of the new #1.

Ghost Rider Morther of Demons #1 Stephanie Hans Variant – .99 for recent Ghost Rider Spin off.

Spider-Man Noir #1 .99 cents for current #1

Sweet Heart #1 from Action Labs .99 cents. This was a very cool horror read. I picked this one up for myself.

Transformers Treasury Edition .99 cents. Large size comic cheap. $10 cover.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter #1 Kaare Andrews Variant .99 cents for vf/nm.

Immortal Hulk #18 – .99 cents.

Immortal Hulk #26 – .99 cents

Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast #1 Action Comics Homage .99 cents, for European Conan adventures. A more mature take.

Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast Crisis Homage $1.75 more than half off cover price.

Amazing Spiderman #30 Immortal Variant $1.49.

Batgirl #34 .99 cents for the Middleton Cover.

Check out the sellers 150+ books for cover price or less.


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