Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 117

Greetings my Comics Heating Up family. I hope everyone is hanging in there. To be honest this pandemic has taken its toll on me a bit. I have been dealing with sleep problems and a slight depression. I am hoping this ends soon. I hope you are well, safe, healthy, and enjoying comic books and other entertainment. Remember to work out and not be like me and eat snacks all day… yum snacks… Before we make money with comics, I wanted to point out a few small things. First the DC digital comics are #awesomesauce. Superman Man of Tomorrow #1, Batman the Adventure Continues, and now Wonder Woman Agent of Peace, just great stuff. I am also digging classic underground comics, I will do an entire hidden gems underground style in the near future. Don’t pass on Marvel Age back issues, they have great art, amazing covers and can go for decent money. The Tick was amazing, loved season one. Family Guy needs to retire, used to love it, current season not so much. Thanks for being in my life during this difficult time, love you guys! Now lets make some money on some comics cause you can’t teach

1. Dr. Strange Sorcerer Supreme #45 – Just an #awesomesauce old cover. Looks like a pre-code horror cover. Half Strange half skeleton. Found these just browsing around. Raw are cheap, $1-$5, CGC 9.6 are like $40-50 but a CBCS 9.6 listed for $19.99

2. Dazzler #33 – staying on the horror kick. This has it all, Bill Sienkiewicz cover art, homage to the king of Pop’s greatest song and dance, Thriller, a zombie cover before Marvel Zombies. $5-10. Mr. Sienkiewicz started doing some of the most memorable Dazzler covers starting with Dazzler #27

3. Harley Quinn #15 and #16 (New 52 series) – you guys can fight over cameo vs first on this one, but these issues introduce a great concept, one I hope makes it into the animated series, the Gang of Harley’s. How can you not love this group? The big bad is Harley Sinn. There is a blind girl in a wheelchair and she is a member of the Gang of Harley’s and that is amazing. All Harley Quinn issues are worth a pick up as they have nowhere to go but up, up, up. $5 and up

4. Gen 13 Ordinary Heroes #2 Variant – Adam Hughes equals money in the bank. Early Hughes, as well I feel, all Gen 13 books, are undervalued have great art and one day Gen 13 will make a comeback #testify $1-10. These are a must for Adam Hughes fans and are cheap, cheap, cheap.

5. Superman Gen 13 #1, #2, and #3 J. Scott Campbell Variants – Not sure everyone knows about this fantastic series. First, Adam Hughes is the writer, add in Lee Bermejo art, and then top it off with J Scott Cambell B covers long before there were Killer B covers. When stores reopen, dig in the Superman bins because these bring in good money. The second issue is the most desirable.

6. Strange Adventures #190 – first Animal Man in costume. His first is Strange Adventures #180. I am hoping Buddy Baker is in the upcoming JLA Dark show. If they use Swamp Thing then they must use Animal Man. He just joined the JLA Dark in the current series. Animal Man is a cult favorite, and if he makes it to the small screen, all his appearances should go up $20 and up

7. Harley’s Little Black Book #6 – go for cover a. It has Lobo, the main man, on the cover. In this issue Lobo and Harley have “sexy times.” It has been rumored that Harley is crush’s mother. crush needs cosplay love. Is anyone even buying the Titans books at this point? Is Teen Titans #20, Crush’s first appearance a dollar box find at this point? Is Harley her mother? $5

8. The Tick #4 – first appearance of Arther. Yes in the Tick #2, we see Arther in the shadows but, in this issue we see the Tick’s sidekick and best friend in full for the first time. Loved the animated series and the Amazon show is great $20

9. The Flash #123 Facsimile edition – This issue is a classic. The Flash of Two Worlds is just amazing. Can’t afford the original silver age book in any grade? Well, then buy this recent reprint. Heck, when conventions start up again, get it autographed by John Westley Ship, Grant Gustin, and Michael Rosenbaum. $5 or less

10. Superman #110 – Celebrating a classic character who made his first appearance on the cover of Action Comics #1. A character who would forever change the landscape of comics. Superman? No, I am talking about the orange hair main who ran screaming from Superman smashing the car. He makes another appearance on this sort-of-homage cover to Action Comics #1. A very early homage if it is considered one. This is Superman’s second silver age book. Grab one at the price you can afford. Superman’s first silver age appearance in Superman #109 is still very reasonable as well.

well I am going and try and get some sleep. Thanks for reading and for all the love and support. Stay safe, stay at home, wear masks, and wash those hands.
Have a blessed week

blind adam out

14 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 117”

  1. I always love reading your lists! I went from working part time to a FT 40+ hours right now. I am getting paid an extra +$2/hr but as soon as that ends I am taking time off. I need to burn 50 vacation hours in the next 3 months or I lose them. :/ Anyways, I wanted to write more for this page but yeah my schedule! I’m not complaining. I hope you are well. I am off Tuesday-Wednesday next week, maybe you, Ant and I can get a round table discussion going on or something.

  2. One of your best lists yet, B.A.. Thanks for introducing me to some very interesting books I’ve never heard of and may never had if not for his list.

    Why is Superman 109 considered his first “Silver Age” book? Was there a period of reprints leading up to this issue? Very odd claim to fame.

    1. 108 was the last golden age issue. I am guessing this issue came out after Showcase #4 making it the first silver age appearance.

  3. same here. went from 5 days to 2. but i used the time to do a major reorganization of my collection. 186 short boxes…whew….

        1. He doesn’t want to admit it but Anthony has a comic buying problem.. keep trying to get him to come to my CA (comics anonymous) classes but he just relapses and goes back to buying more and more..

          I’m on step 9 myself in recovery.. I got up to around 40 short boxes and 10 long boxes when I stopped denying I have a problem but down now to around 20 short boxes total.

  4. Might I recommend adding pics to your listings for easier reference? I have a hard time placing some such as the multiple Harley Quinn series which had a 15 and 16, the Campbell B Superman covers, etc.

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