Cosmic Detective – Kickstarter from Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and David Rubin

I’m a fan of creator owned content, true indie creator owned content. Sure, Lemire and Kindt are well known in the comic industry but you have to love the kickstarter approach for them to collaborate and bring forth what should be an awesome and entertaining read.

So if you haven’t heard, they got a kickstarter for their new graphic novel Cosmic Detective.

See more below or follow the link to read and perhaps back them, for you hardcore Lemire and Kindt followers.

For over two years, bestselling writers Jeff Lemire (BLACK HAMMER; DESCENDER), Matt Kindt (BANG!; MIND MGMT), and internationally acclaimed artist David Rubín (ETHER; BEOWULF) have worked in secret on this original graphic novel.

COSMIC DETECTIVE is an epic science fiction mystery that asks: when a God is murdered, who solves the crime?

The Story…

Last night a God was murdered. In a dirty city, full of the seediest crimes you could think of, someone, somehow, has killed a cosmic deity.

And who investigates the murder of a god? Not just anyone, that’s for damn sure.

Enter our Detective. He’s got a wife, a kid, and a seemingly normal day job as a private eye. But for years, he’s been working for a secret underground cabal of shadowy figures, an organization committed to an uneasy alliance with cosmic forces beyond our imagining.

The murder of the god threatens to unhinge the gods and tear apart the very fabric of our reality. Only our detective stands in the way of utter destruction. But will the mystery he uncovers be worse than the disaster he’s trying to avert? And will his mind crack under the revelations he’s about to uncover before he can do anything about it?

COSMIC DETECTIVE is the first creator-owned collaboration from New York Times bestselling authors Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt. The book was written specifically for the internationally award-winning artist David Rubín.

Read more at the kickstarter. One of the pledges gets you some cool looking player cards along with the full hardcover.

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