Cheap Slabs on eBay (Below 9.8 Edition)

Like I mentioned in the 9.8 edition, a ton of new low priced interesting slabs have come on the market. There are the 9.6 and below, many are older books, but some newer ones of note.

$20 and below
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #17 (Mirage series) CGC 9.2 Original turtles for $19.99

Amazing Spider-man #285 CGC 7.5 newsstand edition featuring the punisher for $19.99

Uncanny X-Men #182 9.6 This one is classic Romita art featuring a Rogue cover for $17 plus shipping

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #8 graded 7.5, another PGX, for $17.99

Masters of the Universe Mini Comic I thought this little 4.0 CGC comic was cool, it is one of the comics packaged with the original action figures.

$25 and below
Marvel Tales #239 featuring a Todd McFarlane Beast and Spider-Man cover for $25.

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