The RECOUNT Is Coming This Fall from Scout Comics

This one might not be for everyone due to the political nature but it’s hard to resist a good action thriller book twisted with conspiracies.

Here’s the full press release from Scout Comics:


After the President is assassinated by a Secret Service agent on live television, a dedicated agent must protect the Vice President from a nationwide conspiracy.

Meet the Team:

Writer – Jonathan Hedrick (Freakshow Princess and Capable)
Artist – Gabriel Elias Ibarra Nunez (Juan Valiente and Graveland)
Colors – Sunil Ghagre (Wunderwaffen)
Letterer – Cristian Docolomansky (Jazz Legend and Zinnober)

The Story…

When the US President is assassinated by one of his own security detail, a female Secret Service agent named Bree Barto must protect the Vice President at all costs from a mass conspiracy by a group calling themselves ‘The Masses’. With nowhere to turn and no one to trust, these two women with completely opposing political views and beliefs must work together to preserve what’s left of American democracy.

From Writer Jonathan Hedrick:

I’m really glad this title will be published with Scout Comics. This is the kind of daring story they tell and they’re a perfect avenue for The Recount.

From Artist Gabriel Elias Ibarra Nunez:

I feel fortunate to publish with Scout. They have titles with fresh air and space for diverse stories. I’m happy to be part of this family.

From Letterer Cristian Docolomansky:

Working on The Recount is a dream come true. The plot is something I can relate to because I like politics, especially American politics. I can’t be happier working again with Scout Comics. It’s like coming home after a successful release with my other book, Zinnober.

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