Alana’s Weekend Specs: Quick Specs

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs!

This week its all about Jackpot on the top 20 lists throughout the comic sites.

So let’s talk about something else like Monica Rambeau’s stunt casting, lets jump in!

Mighty Avengers 2013 #2 1:50

I wrote up ASM Annual #16 long ago and the book had steadily moved since Captain Marvel.

Stunt casting for Wanda/Vision hints that we are getting a full on Spectrum on Disney+. She doesn’t have many covers let alone incentive covers, so here’s the perfect storm.

A 1:50 with an estimated 1100 copies for the variant with a print run of 55k for the book. I don’t think many bought 50 copies of this it didn’t even make the first page of comichron numbers for the month it came out. Good color scheme for a graffiti cover. Hot new character that will be heavily pushed shortly.

Only 4 copies on ebay as of writing this all below $20. Set the sails and jump on board this could be pricey in the near future.

(agentpoyo found this on Midtown for $31.75 after 30% currently and is a huge Francavilla fan himself, can’t go wrong with Francavilla)

Amazing Spiderman #550 1st Menace

The female Grey Goblin is the likely candidate for the villain of a Jackpot movie. Move quick on these.

Showcase #55 1st SA Solomon Grundy

This would be his actual 5th appearance with 4 golden age appearances prior but the Silver Age Grundy is the character design we all know. Looks like Stargirl will cross paths with him this season and they did a great job on his design so I suspect some more heat will come to Showcase #55. He was in Gotham and I wrote up this then, so two recent show appearances could push this further. A lot of people praising the Stargirl show after its pilot.

Wolverine Vol. 3 #68 1st Spider-Bitch

Daughter of Hawkeye and Tonya Parker which makes Spider-Bitch Peter’s granddaughter. Could be a curveball for a movie or the Spiderverse 2 cartoon. Worth a scoop at $10

(agentpoyo wants to add that I do believe Ashley Barton aka Spider-Bitch makes a cameo appearance in the prior issue Wolverine #67 as well)

That’s it for this week, stay safe and happy hunting!

16 thoughts on “Alana’s Weekend Specs: Quick Specs”

  1. Ebay had a few of the MIGHTY AVENGERS 2 1:50 for about a third of ratio. People must have read your article because they re gone now. Admittedly I am one of them. I love super cheap ratio variants!

    1. Yeah, there was 4 listings when I posted this for Alana and linked to the listings. Damn, that was fast. I guess the next cheapest option is that Midtown link I provided which still shows in stock.

      1. There’s still one if you scroll through just mighty avengers 2 in the search. Wanted to give an honorable mention the the Darkseid cameo and 1st full imagine heat will come back to them with the Snyder cut.

      2. I snagged a very fairly priced ($17.99) copy off of Amazon from a seller who I 100% trust for beautiful books & great packaging. Figured why not for the current price!

  2. I don’t really get how she could be Parker’s granddaughter in the Old Man Logan timeline… if Hawkeye is 80 or whatever, how does that make any sense?

    1. In the old man Logan timeline Peter has been dead for sometime his daughter Tonya is older when she’s introduced in #67 and Old man Hawkeye meets his daughter Spider-Bitch for the 1st time in a last panel cameo #67 and full appearance in #68

      1. What I mean is Peter would have to be older than Hawkeye to have a granddaughter that old. And he clearly didn’t have his first daughter yet with this woman in the ‘present day’ timeline. Tonya only looks about 50, many of the other villains are still alive, and they say this all happened under fifty years ago.

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